Saturday, April 30, 2022

Ode to April: More of this please

Wherein we had our first sunset picnic of the year; first full moon hike of the season at the state arboretum where we were serenaded by Spring Peepers and a meteor grazed the sky; the hopefulness of gardening: the fox kits are romping about behind Professor Tolliver's place; we had a lightening strike in the neighborhood that hit a fence and blew the caps of the post and sent sparks and flames from the shook the homes and was heard and the high school as reported by my cub...I had to straighten the pics on the wall when I returned home; never heard of Jammy Eggs until recently so I tried making a batch to top our udon and they reminded me of my grandpa Lenny.  (He loved soft boiled eggs with toast for breakfast and a glass of apricot nectar); On Easter we went fishing on the Shenandoah River; made our springy supper tart recipe with our home grown micro greens; 

2 days later we had a bizarre blizzard; my friend K rescued some plants and gave me some ostrich fern, quince and poppy; the warranty repairs to the house have been completed; the starter died in the car and cost me $700 to replace but my tax refund will buffer that; the county was selling rain barrels for cheap so now I have 2 and that should cut down water costs for lawn/garden; I finally used my gift cards at the nursery on an apple tree and fern and...

we took a trip back to Reston where the cub skateboarded with his old pal A while I drove around to see all that has changed since we moved (I cried when I saw the field where I used to host Mighty Girl Art.  I long to do that again once it's covid-safe); we then saw a long time friend O perform in his HS musical, and then had a quick visit with more dear friends since toddlerhood (we talked about all the fun things we used to do together and the solstice gatherings I hosted and I was teary because we have been isolated since covid and that has made the grieving process so much harder; we returned home with our hearts full and...

in an extraordinary coincidence, the healthcare system that I work for received a grant for the Marodyne Liv that I read about many years ago and it's located right below my office where I can use it 5 days per week!;

VH medical staff was the feature in the Apple Blossom Festival parade and they asked us all to march in it (however the cub and were spending the day in Reston as mentioned)

Our Apple Tree

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Ode to March

Where in it was a busy month:

  • I had an infusion for osteoporosis which seriously kicked my ass with fever and pain for 2 days, and took a good week to feel like myself.  Grateful to be under the care of this doc who is THE best in her field.  My neighbor dropped of her delicious rice and beans which was a great help as I could not even get out of bed. 

  • I was moved from Fam Med to Specialty Practice which gets me out the covid petri dish.  They don't see sick pts in specialty practice.  There is much to learn which gives me some mild anxiety, but I know it will take time.  H bought cupcakes.  I will miss the team.


  • I'm almost finished with PT which will save me $40/wk in copays.  I've been incorporating some of the exercises at home, tho I really need for our neighborhood gym to be built so I can use the leg press.  I'm not going to buy equipment when I already pay HOA fees for a yet to be built gym/pool.

  • I got an employee discount with Verizon which lowers my bill by 4/mo - every little bit helps.

  • I got an employee discount on my lab tests too - every little bit helps.

  • Most of my Fridays this past month have been spent at doctor's offices, catching up on postponed appts due to pandemic...

    My retina doc moved an extra 30 min away so I saw his associate.  He found a hemorrhage and sent me back to my cardiologist for eval, however he said my arteries are great, my bp 109/62, no hyperlipidemia, no diabetes, no change in my ecg since last visit.  Thankful.  He sent everything over to the retina doc.

    I then saw my regular eye doc who staggers my yearlies 6 mos apart with retina...they've been following me this way for many years to monitor.  She said she didn't see the hemorrhage he reported last week.  And aside from needing stronger lenses, everything looks as expected.  This was a relief.

  • MG finally addressed the poorly sized slipcover that we bought right before we moved here.

  • We had 60 degree weather followed by a blizzard.

  • The last of the warranty repairs (dry wall) is scheduled.

  • A furnace part got recalled and Goodman sent the parts in January without following up for installation.  Impossible to get thru so I called the AG and a week later it was done.  And now my neighbors are getting scheduled and they think it was due to my call. 

  • I tried making vegetarian corned beef and cabbage yet again, and it sucked so I set a reminder to stick to Colcannon which has always been delicious.

  • The IEP meeting for the cub went well and he's agreed to double up on math next year in return for an extra study hall to complete work.  He refuses to take school work home.  He's very stubborn.  He wanted to take the minimum and have an early dismissal, but I told him that he can't walk home because this is rural VA, there are no sidewalks along the highway.  He said I was being over protective - until everyone in the meeting said they would not let their own kids walk home.  It takes a village.  He's doing better socially, and he's getting good grades, tho motivation has always been an issue, as well as staying on task.   Still trying to get him to repeat and pass his driver's permit test.  I feel like I'm nagging.  He also wants to work at the bait shop this summer since it's in our neighborhood and he can get there himself, but he has not yet called them.  He's been doing his chores with minimal reminders.  I'm happy to see all the growth.

  • Got all the tax docs over to my accountant.

  • Got the garden beds ready.

  • Got the spring cleaning done.

  • Got another raise effective next month.

  • Made 2 delicious pizzas

    Brussel Sprout

    Vegetarian Sausage

  •  Thankful for the friend who waxed Keats and made me laugh.

  • Marked and mourned the passing of my father.

  • Watched the sunrise

  •  Found an old ladder behind the shed at Lucketts to use as a towel rack

  •  The cub hung the birdhouse that my uncle gave me for xmas


*It is exhausting being a widowed mother, having to do all the things that I did as a sahm, AND working full time.  I will never again take for granted all the work I did as a SAHM.  It's hard to juggle it all.  There is so little free time.  I'm tired more often than not.  I'm envious of those who have family near by that pitch in.  I'm also envious of men who go to and fro their careers then come home to a meal on the table, and everything done.  All those years I had never fully understood the value of the service I provided.  

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Monday, February 28, 2022

Ode to February 2022

Wherein Professor Toliver's fox took a nap in his yard; we found the perfect udon recipe; savored our favorite soups, and the twitter bots of dead poet; swooned over sunsets and sunrises.  And a psychopath started a war.  

Photo by John Toliver



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Monday, January 31, 2022

Ode to January 2022

Wherein we had a snowy owl in DC (AP photo), a HUGE snowstorm, a covid surge, our resident fox (photo John Toliver),  and our neighborhood mink (photo Bill Moore), we made s'mores on the gas stove, and soup season, sat by the fireplace, there was an early bloomer, a raise, and a decision.

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Saturday, January 01, 2022

Howdy 2022, Goodbye 2021

Good tidings, 2002: Please be gentle and joyous!

Farewell to 2021: Wherein we...

1. remain healthy through a pandemic

2. the cub made honor society.  

3. In June, I resigned from that depleting job working 10-12 x 6-7 with no PTO, holidays or benefits.  A scary but necessary leap.

4.  In August I landed the job I wanted, in the practice I wanted, with hours I wanted, with a great team, 15 min from home.

5.  Upon resignation I enrolled in a course to up my credentials.  Worked by day, schooled by night.

6.  passed the national exam, got said credentials, and a bonus, and am now taking a much needed rest.

7.  And somewhere, even amidst the utter exhaustion of the previous job, with so little free time, we managed to eke out joy...

8.  we masked up and wandered outdoor flea mkts

9.  we took short hikes

10.  brought our dinner to the river or lake

11.  we went kayaking and fishing

12.  dedicated Sundays to ice cream and call it "Ice cream Sunday". 

13.  We tried new recipes 

14.  and took the cub and his long time friend go-karting outdoors because it was the safest way for them to see each other. 

15.  We watched sunsets, meteors, a lunar eclipse, planets align, and space station fly bys. 

16.  We went to the tomato soup and grilled cheese festival.  

17.  We explored country back roads and met a really swell farmer.

18.  We met a sheriff dressed like a cowboy. 

19.  I got a bonus which paid for a brake job, a turkey which I donated to the local food pantry, and began the warranty repairs on our home. 

20.  We picnicked in the orchard with family on my bday. 

21.  We explored a new trail and stood inside the hollow of a ginormous living tree. 

22.  We got our hair cut - finally. 

23.  We went to a blueberry farm

24.  a firefly hike with Dr. Firebaugh

25.  a full moon hike at Blandy

26.  and an astronomy event in a wide open field which he said blew his mind. 

27.  We planted seeds literally and figuratively, and watched them grow. 


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