Sunday, December 31, 2023

Farewell 2023! Welcome 2024!

2023 in review...

1. We have remained healthy and covid-free! 

2. The cub graduated HS, and entered the School of Hard Knocks.  

 ( It was painful for him to learn about manipulators / pathological liars / and utter cruelty.  And as his mother, it was heartbreaking to witness.  Teens want so badly to be adults, but their brains don't fully mature until their mid twenties, so why are they declared adult at 18 and not 25?!  As adults we can sniff out shitty people no matter how much how they mask it.  We can caution our teens, we can point out obvious lies, educate about abuse...but sometimes they just don't want to believe it until they get hurt. )

*If I could impart an wisdom on teens it is this: Your elders do not speak up without reason, they speak up because they noticed something wrong and therefore they already know what's around the bend because they've been down that road once.  They would not endure the eye rolls or attitude if they didn't think it was worth it and needed. 

Metaphorically -  If you were on a road trip and your parent called you and said, "don't take that route because there is bad weather conditions ahead, take an alternate route" would you get annoyed and keep going, ignore the warning signs on the road, and continue until you end in a wreck?  Probably not. 

Literally - per Dr. Brenner,  "if a significant family member notices something "off" about a person that seems obvious to them, you may need to listen to them because they may see things more clearly from an outsider's perspective". 

3. The cub got his driver's license, began trade school, started working, and had his wisdom teeth removed.

4.  I am in training once again, to prep for a new role at the practice.  

5.  We took a hike in the mountains, a schlepp to B'more, and HS plays in our old hood

6.  We paddled the neighborhood flotilla for Halloween and had s'mores at the bonfire.

7.  We wandered a craft fair and garden fest.

8.  We masked up and went to see the Agatha Christie film.

9.  We watched sunsets and meteor showers and hot air balloons

10.  We tried new recipes

11. We had a drought and weird skies from wildfires, and were both sent home from work due to a tornado warning.

12. The cub bought and wrecked his first car in 4 days.  He's fine thankfully.

13.  There were rainbows, and hummingbirds

14. Gardening and a hammock

15. There were moments of sorrow, but also joy.

Dear 2024,
More ease, please.

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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Ode to December

Wherein we made hot cocoa and decorated the tree to the tune of Vince Guaraldi Trio.  The cats found their Advent and celebrated early.  Cinder declared the tree an advent of cat toys and destroyed 3 ornaments.  Completed two more trainings this month.  Decided to stop sending xmas cards due to the time, energy and expense.  A possible answer to the mystery symps that have pestered me since May 2022.  Shenanigans and lunch with a friend.  We made a cheese board for xmas, chocolate croissants for breakfast and our traditional risotto for dinner.  Cozy, simple, heartfelt.

This WAS my fox

This WAS his hammerhead shark
Sunrise commute
Cinder knocked a chair over in the wee hours...
and Charlee had this to say about it.

Last full moon of the year.

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ode to November

Wherein we have a simple thanksgiving celebrating simple things to be thankful for:
each other
being Kahu to two wonderful cats
our home
fam & friends
a reliable car and a phone that works
a job that I enjoy and a team that inspires
a new path with added income
good food and good books
warm blankets
the mountains
the lake
the sunsets, always the sunsets

I completed the training and began studying for another national exam.  The cub learned to drive a forklift.  We went to see friends in another HS play and the cub drove to/fro in preparation for driving me home from surgery in a few months. 

Naoko Stoop #lifegoals




There was a wildfire in SNP that made the air stink and rendered advisory pings.  The paradox of being grateful for what little we have when there are many with less, and the war in Ukraine, and horrors faced by both Israel and Palestine.  

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Ode to October

Wherein I celebrate 60 rides around the sun with a cupcake.  I was accepted into a program and received a grant for the study so I went straight from work to class without a birthday celebration.  We had a witches flotilla in the hood with bonfire, pizza and s'mores. We got our updated Covid and Flu Vax.  The newsletter that I create for our patients is now on the Hospital website and they created a download button so that employees can download or other departments can download for their patients. The cub had his wisdom teeth taken out.   


Sunrise Commute


WTF: Hamas terrorists brutally attacked innocent civilians in Israel and now there is a war in the middle East.  The war in Ukraine is still ongoing. 
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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ode to September

Wherein there was a drought emergency and we were mandated not to water lawns or gardens. The cub landed a new and f/t job.  I was accepted into the PRS program to prepare for a future new role at OPBH.  The cub taught himself to play some amazing blues on his guitar. 


Best descriptor of Front Royal

teenager kitty

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