Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Firefly Hike at Bland Experimental Farm / State Arboretum

We went on a Firefly hike at Blandy with the delightful Arial Firebaugh, PhD.  It brought back memories of when I won tix to see the Synchronous Fireflies at GSMNP.  S loved that trip!  This morning I traveled back in time in this diary via searching "fireflies" and watched a video of my son catching them when he was a tot.  I'm glad I documented so many family memories, tho it's still somewhat painful.



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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Ode to June

Gifts of June:

The relief of being fully vaccinated and...
The first butterfly of the season (Atlantis Fritillary).
The blooming of the Black Knight Scabiosa.
Haircuts in an empty warehouse for us both.
(After nearly a year and a half of going without one)
Homegrown blueberries from which we made muffins.
The last day of school with A B Honor Roll.
Venezuelan Veggie Dogs and Donuts.
Super Moon Hike at Blandy which he deemed spectacular.
Brood X Cicada Chorus.
A couple of intense storms and a power outage.
A new recipe (Honey butter garlic Chik'n).
A trip to an organic blueberry farm from which we made jam.
A bouquet of Winged Everlasting.
Some fabulous sunsets.

*He didn't want to do anything on his late dad's bday, but on father's day we got take-out per his request.


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Monday, May 31, 2021

Ode to May

The one with the exhaustion of relentless 10 x6,
and the decision,
and the Kayaking,
and Morty's increased dose working,
and watchi the space station fly by from our deck,
and the picnic at Sherando Lake,
and dinner at Riverton Park,
and my Schitt's Creek Mother's Day,
and vegan mac n'c heese
and the neighbor that photographed the rocket launch we missed because I was working.


That moon on the night we saw the space station fly by.

Lunch at Sherando Lake

Dinner at Riverton Park

Black Brant XII Rocket Launch Wallops VA
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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Sixteen Rides Around the Sun



Dear Satchel,

Happy 16th ride around the sun! 

This past year you have made honor roll, started Driver's Education class, and managed to keep up with your schedule while still being able to socialize with your friends safely online. 

This year you have grown so much, physically and emotionally. 

You have taught yourself to play guitar!  Hearing you play in your room above me while I work brings me great joy.

I am proud of all you have accomplished.

Your interests remain expansive: fishing techniques, guitar and experiments like flash freezing (which was the coolest thing I've seen this year).

Thank you for asking to take a ride with me when I have to run errands.  It means a lot to me and I enjoy your company.  Thank you for taking the time to introduce me to new music that you think I would like.  Thank you for suggesting spontaneous picnics on my day off.  Thank you for watching the space station fly by with me.  Thank you for helping out without having to be reminded.  And thank you for being you.

Today is your birthday, and you are the greatest gift I've ever received.

Thank you for picking me to be your mother.  Thank you for the reciprocal gift of unconditional love and all the ways you show it. 

On this anniversary of your birth, may you know how deeply loved and admired you are.  I celebrate you!

 (for beautiful you are my world, my true)

Happy 16th ride around the sun, dear Satchel.
Thank you for being my son.

All my love,
(Posted at the time of your birth)


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Friday, April 30, 2021

Ode to April

The one with the normal shift for 2 wks that gave us:
Evening fishing as often as possible,
and a new lake to try,
and a new park to explore,
and hammock time,
and a bathroom redo with the help of wonderful Bostlemans.

Wilkins Lake
Eastham Park / Shenandoah River

A moment before my shift.

Gratitude to KB.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Ode to March

The one with the hike,
and the homemade Moo Shu recipe,
and the seed catalogs. 

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