Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Never Stop Playing

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" - George Bernard Shaw

A list of things I want to do with Satchel:

1. make a castle w/ drawbridge out of a refrigerator box
2. spend a wknd at the ocean and make a giant sand castle
3. have an under the sea party (or turn his room into an under sea theme for a week):
  • fill the ceiling with helium balloons of blue and green shades
  • tie green crepe paper streamers from green balloons so it looks like kelp
  • make paper fish, sea horse, and star fish and hang from other balloons at different levels
  • replace light bulb with blue bulb
  • cut tiny horizontal slits in a lamp shade so it creates light waves on the wall
  • play music like "yellow submarine", "octopus's garden" and dolphin/whale sounds
4. same as above with a space theme and a jungle theme
5. buy a huge roll of bubble wrap and roll around on it
6. winter camping in the living room with a tent - roast tofu dogs and vegetarian marshmallows in our fireplace on branches
7. rainy day - blanket forts in the dining room, make cookies or brownies and read books in the fort
8. bake dragonfly and other bug shaped sugar cookies and drink sun tea
9. melt crayon shavings in wax paper and make stuff to hang in our windows.
(there's a goldmine in the bottom of your crayola box)
*always have crayons, and play-doh and giant rolls of paper for him
10. pumpkin picking and carve really cool pumpkins
11. have picnics inside and outside
12. go peach picking
13. play shadow puppets at bedtime
14. have puppet shows
15. have pillow fights
16. make giant bubbles with the bubble thing
17. build and fly a kite
18. go sledding and build a snow man (when older ice skating), drink hot chocolate
19. watch a rented movie from the sofa-bed while eating popcorn
20. keep a basket near the door for rocks with a sign that reads
"magic rocks, take one or leave one".
21. hang a bird feeder outside his window
22. hang wind chimes near his window
23. go camping outdoors
24. make our own pizza party
25 . spend the night in saugerties light house with friends for a special occasion like a birthday
26 . canoe to bannerman castle
27. go to see the grand canyon and giant redwoods
28. go to europe (italy to see franc, france to see fred, england to see eric)
29. go to canada (old quebec city)
30. go to niagra falls
31. go to letchworth park
32. see cirque du soleil
33. go to outdoor concerts
34. go to the park frequently
35. take lots of walks together and look for magic rocks
36. go to an aquarium a/o good petting zoo (where they are kind to animals)
37. go to baseball games
38. find a pond and feed the ducks whenever we have old bread
39. teach him how to ride a horse and feed it carrots
40. make paper mache masks for halloween
41. build a tree house
42. eat watermelon and spit the seeds at each other
43. water balloon fights
44. watch the perseid and leonid meteor showers
45. look for planets with our telescope
46. dance a lot
47. a birthday parade...with instruments
48. celebrate holidays and make up our own

*In art news...3 of my pregnancy portraits were chosen for an exhibition at the CSMA Gallery in Ithaca, NY. They will be on display in a group exhibition entitled, "Coming Of Age: Art in Celebration of Girls and Women". March 3rd - 31st.

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posted by Wendy at 5:45 AM


Blogger pinkcoyote said...

i am soaking this entry up like a sponge, as with so many of your entries. your distilled, concentrated beauty amazes me! my pores just open up when you inspire me like this. really! i can feel them opening!
congratulations on your portraits. what wonderful news to hear. xoxo

1:14 PM  

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