Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Time Flies: Mother's Day Giveaway 2014

I am both of the earth and I am of the inexplicable beauty of heaven
where I fly so easily, so welcome, yes,
and this is why I have been sent, to teach this to your heart.
 ~ Mary Oliver

Several years ago, whilst my son and his pals sat on the floor creating their own talisman necklaces with colorful beads, I decided to make an early Mother's Day gift for myself. I made myself a little bird's nest with one tiny turquoise egg to represent my son. I wear it on Mother's Day or whenever I need to remember my own divinity. 

Each year for a limited time in my etsy shop, I offer this Mother's Day talisman to you...to remind you of your own divine nature.  The proceeds of this sale help support Mighty Girl Art empowerment camp.  The early birds get the worm and I will stop taking orders after May 2nd.

In honor of Mother's Day, I will be giving away a custom nest necklace to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment here, tell me about your favorite Mother's Day!
(Please share on fb, twitter etc.)

Winner will be chosen by random generator and announced on Monday morning, May 5th.

Happy Mother's Day!

Made so and rooted by love,

 PS - It's no secret that Ram Dass is one of my favorite peeps on the planet.  Well I've got a story to share...

The other day I was taking a long walk to the lake, when I heard someone yell, "Hello Satchel's Mom!!!"  It was one his schoolmates.  I smiled at the little girl and bowed before continuing my walk.  If I ever meet Ram Dass I'm going to tell him that you don't have to take LCD and get kicked out of Harvard to experience loss of the ego, just become a mom.

Inspired by the cover of one of my all time favorite books "Be Here Now", I made myself this shirt and you can order one for yourself too...
just click here!



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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Crouched Low & Smiling

"Actually, the best gift you could have given her
was a lifetime of adventures…" - Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

The sky doesn't keep secrets and today it hints of snow.  I remember the summer that my neighbor's grandfather came to stay. I was a little girl then and he seemed older than the earth itself.  I ran to chat him up whenever I spied him outside.  We chewed wild mint whilst he taught me how to decode cryptograms and showed me how the leaves of certain trees turn upside down before a rain. "When leaves show their undersides, be very sure that rain betides", he'd say. I never forgot that. Although he left earth decades ago, his memory lingers still…in certain shades of sky, in the leaves, and in the wild mint that I grow outside every home I've ever lived in.

Early this morning, I pour myself a cup of coffee spiced with cinnamon and cloves then hold the cup with both hands, warming my fingers as I walk downstairs to my workshop.   I sit at my worktable and turn the chair toward the glass door then wait quietly while sipping my morning brew. Suddenly, as if by magic, the fox emerges from the woods. A smile spreads across my face like a sunrise.

Yesterday, while searching the forest for fallen tree limbs, I happened upon an animal path. I followed it to the bank of a twisty creek and there in wet mud I saw fresh fox tracks. I crouched low and pressed my hand into the mud beside it.


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Sunday, February 09, 2014

A Very Full Day

As short as the time
From Spark to Flame,
So brief may the distance be
Between heart and being.
In the name of the fire
And the flame
And the light - John O'Donohue

There was our friend's Imbolc gathering to bless the seeds, a labyrinth painted in the meadow with bird seed then lit with candles at night.   I can imagine how happy the birds were this morning to see the ginormous feast.  The uneaten seeds will sprout roots into the earth and grow.


Rewind to...

earlier that afternoon there was a scout bowling banquet.


Rewind to...

earlier that morning at the district derby.  A boy waiting in line to check in his car sees the medals on Satchel's shirt and exclaims, "FOUR medals...I'm toast"!  It was a good race, though he did not take the win.


Rewind to...

the previous night at BINGO night at his school...where he got sugared up AND won a prize!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

One By One, They Come From Their Wildness.

Morning meetings with the ghosts of poets wherein she recounts unspeakable beauties: 


"How do you heal the animal pain so the soul may live?", the poet asks.
She blinks once slowly then responds...

"With the rising sun, with the celestial dance, with the silvering moonlight, with wild things, with the feathering of sky, with the beat of the drum, with the music of ice, with the voices of trees, with the laughter of children, with the salt of my tears, with breath and with paint, with ache and with dance...

with my nearly 7 billion billion billion atoms
with my 85 billion neurons
with my 10 trillion cells...

and with the ghosts of poets"

She feels a kiss on her cheek and turns her head toward the door.

The fox, with impeccable timing, emerges from the woods and prances directly to her door. She slides to her knees and asks, "Is there nothing more beautiful than fox and snow?"

The poets nod knowingly, clutching their diaphanous hearts.

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in NYC.  She carried a piece chalk in her pocket to leave messages for friends on the sidewalk when she passed by their homes.  The girl left her city for a nest in the forest where she shape-shifted into mother then crone.  On this particular wintery day, after her morning meeting, she stepped outside and found message from a feathered friend upon her snowy stoop.

It reads,

Dear Wendy,
Take the road less traveled. 


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Time to Mourn

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven - Pete Seeger

Today I am reflecting on those cold winters when my son was a toddler and we would play Pete's "Birds, Beasts, Bugs & Fishes" cd on continuous loop.  I'm thinking of how Pete's voice brings back memories of family gatherings when I was a wee girl and my great uncle would sing and strum.  How Pete's voice takes me there every time.  And how his voice fills me with peace and hope.  Today I'm grateful for the technology that keeps the voice alive, the machines that surround hate and forces it to surrender.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images


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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Great Race: Pinewood Derby 2014

He won 1st place for his den for the third year in a row. On to the district race!  He worked so hard on his car and we're so proud of him.

Pre-race Chillaxin'

Derby theme, Safari: His creation, Gator racer.


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Friday, January 03, 2014

Firsts : Snow & Sleepover of 2014

Clouds are rushing across the
Sky and through them is tumbling
The thin waning moon. Later
All is quiet except for
A faint whispering. I look
Out. Great flakes of wet snow are
Falling. Snowflakes are falling - Kenneth Rexroth

They asked for a sleep over.  All the grown-ups said yes.  Then this happened.

We ordered pizza and a movie...

and they built a campsite in the bedroom, whispering stories late into the night.

 The first snow of the new year fell over night.

In the morning I made them chocolate chip pancakes topped with homemade whipped cream and a side of fakin'-bacon. 

In the morning we were joined by siblings and a scramble for snow gear.

Then we headed for the hills...


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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Handmade & Heartfelt: Holiday Recap

“You have no idea how hard I've looked for a gift to bring You. 
Nothing seemed right. 
What's the point of bringing gold to the gold mine, 
or water to the ocean. 
Everything I came up with 
was like taking spices to the Orient. 
It's no good giving my heart and my soul because 
you already have these. 
So I've brought you a mirror. 
Look at yourself and remember me.” ― Rumi

This year Satch wrote, illustrated and published a book as a Christmas gift for his cousin about her adorable dog, Frannie.

He worked on it during our Spring break road trip to visit family...a very long drive.

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | Start your own Photo Books | Create custom Christmas Cards

Frannie viewing her book.

December brings with it a furry of creative endeavors.   There's our seasonal greetings and... 

our annual gratitude cards handed to everyone from the postman to barista making tea before the holiday parade and...

our family calendar project filled with snapshots from our favorite moments throughout the year.  (Below: a screen shot whilst working on the project.  September is Satch and the Wood Trush)

There's paper snowflakes, solstice parties, and holiday magic of every variety.

Farewell December, you creative crescendo of the year! 

Welcome 2014 and the blessings you bring.

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