Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tagged Out

I was tagged again, first by Jenica (on facebook) and then by Jessica so I'm hoping this covers both. I know it's done with love and all, but to be truthful, it makes me a bit cranky.

25 Random Things About Me:

1. i wanted to be an artist when i grew up or Pippi Longstocking
2. i seriously covet my friend paula's necklace
3. i'm a vegetarian
4. i have a carnivorous plant
5. i detest string beans, eggplant, iceberg lettuce
6. i met my husband on match.com (and by the way, today is the anniversary of our first date)
7. slurping sounds give me the heebee jeebees, as do the bee gees
8. i like cinnamon & cloves in coffee
9. my favorite director is Jean Pierre Jeunet
10. i don't wear a wedding band
11. i don't use a top sheet
12. can't tell the difference 'tween a tilde and a slung dash
13. i love the word slung dash
14. i can lindy pretty well, but i don't do flips (and i photographed my swing idol, Frankie Manning)
15. i love cummings, neruda, rumi, oliver & haiku by krause
16. i have my original 1967 spirograph
17. i'm the luckiest person on earth (really, I am)
18. my cat's breath smells like a dead guppy
19. tall trees relax me
20. i taste pickles yearly hoping to like 'em, but never do
21. i once got my bra caught on the sign of the sullivan st playhouse (it's a long story - email me if you want to know)
22. eggnog doesn't even sound good
24. i dislike tags, chain mail, fwds and memes
25. i feel too guilty to tag others so i won't


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posted by Wendy at 5:30 AM


Blogger bloggirls said...

nice post

7:15 AM  
Blogger Green Mamma said...

I totally agree with you! I hate memes and forwards, and tags too. So sorry to have tagged you, it's just, sheesh, I feel so bad when someone I like has tagged me. Now I will take a cue from you and leave other people who I like and adore out of the mess I get into with these things.

Anyway, great list. And I'm happy to know the luckiest person on earth. =)

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Annie said...

I can tell how much you don't like doing these thing because you have so many "I don't" and dislikes!

I just did this on Facebook the other day. I don't like chain maily type things either but do sometimes participate- I always add though that there's no need to keep it going. I hate pressuring people to play.

I'm surprised you don't like to bake! You seem like a baker. Don't ask me why.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous vickie said...

so funny wendy, i just did this on facebook...let's be facebook friends.

and i want to hear the bra story

2:57 PM  

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