Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To Be Dazzled... (a rather long post)

or more examples of why I'm the luckiest person on earth....

So we spent the brisk, yet beautiful day indoors yesterday because I was feeling so crummy. I got out the bubbles and a bubble gun and let Satch blow bubbles in the bathroom so I could take a hot and longer-than-five-minute-shower. When I asked him if there was something he'd like to do, wouldn't you know he said, "oooh sum rafts" (crafts). So I got out the paintbox and he painted and then asked for tape and stuck his creations up all over the studio window. We then read some books, had a pretend picnic where he served a mysterious imaginary brew he calls "pupatino"! While he took his nap, I finished reading a book that I found at B's yard sale on Saturday.

Would you sit with me for a spell because it's a good story?

You see, I met B via freecycle...she offered some Waldorf-ish lanterns that she and her beautiful son, J made some years ago with jars and tissue paper. I thought that I could use them for Satchel's birthday party in May or have a summer evening lantern walk and then enjoy them all year long when we want a bit of candle light. I also felt that a mother and son project such as this one should not end up in the trash. So I responded to her post, plopped Satch into the pram and walked to the other side of the lake.

Am I ever glad I did!

The lanterns were beautiful and B was quite a lovely soul AND her son J charmed Satch right out of his shy sideways glance into full fits of laughter. Satch was completely smitten with this delightful 7 yr old chap. We sat and chatted over fresh mango and discovered we had a lot in common. It turned out that this family was moving and having a yard sale the following week. Naturally, I planned to stop by.

When we returned from our Thomas the train adventure, however, the yard sale was over so I phoned to ask B if we could still pop by. Her sweet son, J, answered and asked, "Is this Wendy of the lanterns"? "Why yes it is", I relied. When we arrived at their home, I announced myself, "It is I...Wendy of the lanterns", and explained to J that I very much like the name he gave me.

B had some items set aside for us and I just couldn't believe our good fortune: TWO butterfly nets which I'm sure will catch many a bug, a blue Ukulele, this magic kit, a puppy costume, paint, a big bag of wool roving AND...this book, which I've just finished reading and absolutely love! Satch spent a good part of the afternoon pulling silks out of a bag and yelling "abba ba dabba hokey pokey" and slept with the puppy costume, and one of the butterfly nets.

If that isn't amazing enough...I found this book and this book at the Library book sale! The latter I've already started reading and it made me teary and gave me all sorts of ideas to adapt in our home. And I'm sure there are some who wonder how I manage to read so many books and the truth is, I don't watch tv so I read a lot. Except for yesterday because I was feeling so yucky so when Robert came home and took Satch outside to set his worms free, I flipped the tv on for just a second and was smacked in the face with one disaster or another...a shooting, tornadoes, wild fires and Rachael Ray. Ah! I'm not missing much - back to my books!

Oh, yes...last week 'tween the upcoming birthday crafting and Mother's Day gifts, I made a worm house for Satch and we cared for earthworms all week. (Pics of those as the events draw near)

I awoke several times last night freezing and covered in sweat. I'm guessing it means I kicked that bug from yesterday because I do feel that I'm on the mend this morn.

"Still, what I want in my life
is to be willing
to be dazzled-
to cast aside the weight of facts

and maybe even
to float a little
above this difficult world" - Mary Oliver

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posted by Wendy at 6:48 AM


Blogger denise said...

Lovely - those are some of our favorites books. I always go back to them again and again for the good ideas and calm centered rhythms that seem to work so well in our home.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a brilliant and longlasting incandescence from our Wendy of the lanterns.

11:03 PM  

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