Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Letters: Eight

Dear Satchel,

Today marks your 8th ride around the sun and you awoke before the sun to begin celebrating!   You decided that this year you would like to celebrate with "fishing party", so you've invited a gaggle of friends on a hike to the lake to learn how to catch and release.  It seems that your year long interest in fishing has you hooked.

"I want Jeremy Wade's job, Mama, I want to be a marine biologist and have my own show about catching fish", you explain.

Last summer we moved to the little house at Big Woods, an ideal nest for a nature boy like you.  We've seen fox, and deer, skinks and turtles and many MANY toads.  You've always wanted a stream in your backyard and now you have one...catching crayfish is one of your favorite things to do.  You like playing spies with the neighborhood kids and forming rock bands, transforming the front porch into a stage.

Your imagination is boundless and your lego creations are mind boggling wonders!

You've had quite a growth spurt this year and are now up to my shoulder - I can hardly believe it.

You have grown in other ways too.  This year you've adapted to weekends in your own bed instead of the family bed - AND - you've hosted your first sleep-over with friends.  You are a LOT of fun and a loyal, generous friend, that is evident by the circles you create around you.  

You have a new level of maturity and confidence about you.  This year marks the first time we've ever been apart, while I attended a weekend workshop in NY, and you took it in stride.

"The first day was hard because I missed you", you said, "but it was good to spend time alone with my dad".

While you still don't like to hug your friends, I feel blessed by the bounty of hugs and kisses that you give to me.  You are very expressive and I admire that about you. 

Happy 8th ride around the sun, Satchel.  You are my greatest gift in this world.  You are my joy and the box it comes in.  I celebrate you on this day and every day!!!

Thank you for being my son!

All my love,

(posted at the time of your birth)


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