Friday, July 30, 2010

Empowering Children

I think, therefore I am - Descartes

I've been thinking a lot about positive affirmations. We all know that our thoughts affect the way we feel. Even young children understand that mean words are hurtful. So, I've been thinking about ways to incorporate positive affirmations into my son's life.

I immediately thought of Louise L. Hay whose book made it's way 'round my creative circle of friends...New York City...1988. I still remember that and how we used record her affirmations onto our answering machines. We had such fun calling each other to find out what was being affirmed each week.

I am completely tickled to discover that Louise wrote a children's book and I am humbled to have received a review copy. "I think, I am!" is a powerful picture book, illustrated by Manuela Schwarz, that makes the whole concept of positive affirmations accessible to young children by demonstrating how to change negative thoughts into positive ones. The authors (Louise L. Hay and Kristina Tracy) present a situation that is likely to happen to a child, then introduce a positive affirmation...

"Have you ever done something you wish you hadn't...Keep positive and say to yourself, I learn from my mistakes and move on".

What a powerful tool for children to take with them into adulthood!

Another treasure that we recently discovered is the award winning Wizkidz DVD by kindred mama, Pamela Pedder! On the surface, this may appear to be a goofy kid show, but on deeper level, it's a treasure trove of inspiring and positive thoughts to nurture healthy self esteem. My son LOVES this dvd, and instantly caught on to the powerful messages within. During dinner, he excitedly told his dad about the "cant" characters and about the secret spell that makes them disappear - smiles. The songs are gloriously affirming. One particular song is running on continuous loop in my mind...

" I can. I can do anything if I just put my mind into it. I can do it. I can. I can be anything I dream of. I just throw my fear out. I have no doubt that I can. Yes, I can."

I was so inspired by by these creative women that I decided to make my son his own set of affirmation cards. I used one of our favorite photos from a very tender moment. I have 2 extra sets in my etsy shop where you will also find more information about the cards and the whole story behind the photo I chose.

*And speaking of empowering children...Monday is the kick off of Mighty Girl Art! Please click on over for a peek in the Mighty Tipi all next week! It's going to be magical...

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