Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fairwell Stick Bug

"Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf and take an insect view of its plain" - Henry David Thoreau

After that gazpacho from tropical storm Hanna, we discovered a rather large stick bug hanging around the deck. And that is where it remained, in one spot or another, for the rest of the summer. It's been getting cold at night and I was considering making a terrarium and bringing the bug in the house to winter with us, then release it in the spring. However, this morning as I was wheeling the stroller out the door, I unwittingly ran over the bug who finally came down from it's perch. It blended so perfectly into the doormat that I didn't see it. Satch and I said good bye to our friend and placed it in the plant pot next to the front door.

I'm sorry, Stick Bug, I really am...I didn't see you there on the mat. I want you to know that you brought us happiness and curiosity. We enjoyed having you at our home. You were interesting and tolerant...and so freakin' cool! Your life did not go unnoticed. You were appreciated, perhaps even loved by one 3 yr old boy. We're going to miss you.

*Tonight we'll be at the Kid Euro Festival Watching Václav Strasser and his rainbow bubbles. You can watch the live telecast tonight at 6pm here! How I wish we were all neighbors...

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posted by Wendy at 5:31 AM


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