Monday, July 07, 2008

Most Alive Monday: Bright Wings

"In the muddled mess of this world, in the confusion and boredom and amazement, we ought to be able to spot event, a person, a memory, an act, a turning of the soul, the flash of bright wings, the surprise of sweet compassion...somewhere we ought to pick out a glory to celebrate" - Samuel H. Miller

At exactly 7:23 pm (Wednesday night) a tiny little hummingbird came to our feeder. I had attached the feeder to our living room window where it gets afternoon and evening light and planted flowers that hummers are attracted to nearby. Then in the eve while snuggling on the sofa with Satch, I saw something flutter to the side of us and there at the feeder was the tiniest little hummingbird. I could not believe my eyes and I gasped. Satch looked up quickly and I whispered, "shhhh it's a hummingbird". He did not know what to make of this tiny little creature. SO VERY TINY! We both sat there and watched silently and then in a flash it was gone. It came back the following morning and joined me as I sipped my coffee, but I haven't seen it since.

My brother-in-law flew in to visit for the long weekend. We went to the falls where we saw a mother and baby deer eating beside the trail. I found another set of Swallowtail wings, this one yellow, (photo above) in the grass and I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again....."I'm the luckiest person in the world"!

We ate some Boca Brats and corn on the cob and the boys watched Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest because what could be more American than honoring gluttony, right?!?! I was relieved when Satch fell asleep during the pre-game shenanigans because I really didn't want him to witness all the gorging. It was altogether repulsive. However, it was indeed amusing to hear the commentators use the terms, "sport" and "professional eater". The onlookers cheered as the winner ingested 55 fistfuls of meat byproducts and nitrates in 10 minutes!

*About Most Alive Monday: I've decided to make at least one "most alive choice" each day and post my favorite each Monday. This, of course, is to motivate me to consciously "live juicy"! I hope you'll join me and share your "most alive moment" in the comments section so we may inspire each other.

You may also post photos of your "most alive moments" in my most alive flickr pool! (If you post a photo in pool, be sure
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posted by Wendy at 5:12 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny to see Satch take his rightful place in the company of men.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Love Squalor said...

happy monday! gorgeous butterfly picture!

11:35 AM  

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