Monday, February 04, 2008

Mom to Mom

You've read about her music in this post, and now it is my pleasure to introduce you to Renee Stahl...

Mom: Renee
Of: Amelia
Where: California
Blog: hey hey from renee
Website: renee & jeremy

1. In what ways has becoming a mother changed you?

I am in love everyday.. .. it has made me more aware of EVERYTHING.

2. What is one tip you would like to share about mothering?

trust your instincts and don't compare to what your friend's babies may be doing...
every baby is unique

3. What is your creative outlet/medium?

music.. singing/songwriting

4. How do you find time for creativity?

well, I sing to my baby everyday so I am always writing little songs to her.
I also make sure that I continue to co-write (jeremy and I are working on our next cd)

5. What was your inspiration and vision for the album, "it's a big world".

my friend liz kept telling me that I had a soothing voice that would be great for lullabies .. when I found out I was pregnant I started writing songs for our baby. the first one was the a capella song "powder blue" - jeremy came over one day and played me " welcome to this world" as I was looking for other songs to put on my cd.. I told him I could never cover this song.. it was meant for him to sing - it was this moment that we decided to work together and write a cd for our children ...I wanted to have amelia at home in water.. at 34 weeks I was put on bed rest.. I am not one that likes to sit around.. so jeremy would come over and we finished the cd during this time.. it happened so easily.. we recorded the cd 2 weeks before amelia was born in her nursery.

6. What/who inspires you lately?

amelia, and other mothers

7. Do you think there are any similarities between the creative process and childbirth?

hmmmm yes, as you have to be fully in the moment to let songs come through I would say the same is true for childbirth.

Now, that you've met the beautiful and talented Renee...plop your little one on your lap and treat yourself to her wonderful video!

*Most Alive Monday will resume next week!


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Blogger Love Squalor said...

i watched that video and i had to head right over to itunes and purchase the whole album. i love it! and i love that you share these interviews here - thank you!

10:07 AM  

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