Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Big Sky with Pretty Little Stars

"It's a big world baby
and you're little for a little while" - Renee & Jeremy

I confess that when I first heard the song, "It's a Big World", I thought it was a new Aimee Mann tune and I began spinning my wheels trying to find it for purchase. I soon learned that this beautiful piece was written and performed by Renee Stahl & Jeremy Toback, and is just one of a dozen twinkling musical stars on their album, "It's A Big World". This beautiful album is now a permanent fixture in our cd changer. The vocals are soft and melodic and the lyrics are soulful. This is a cd to listen to before bed or naps or anytime you want to snuggle in and center yourselves. It is obvious that this album is a gift from the heart and not just another "kiddie set". To quote the artists, "while we set out to make a record for our little ones, we really ended up making a record for ourselves and other parents like us".

The whimsical album art by Hsinping Pan is a nice touch too!

In short, if "Doodlebops" make you break out in hives and "Wiggles" aren't a part of your musical lexicon...if you and your children enjoy pure music, real instruments, inspired lyrics and gorgeous vocals...then go grab yourself a copy of "It's a Big World" and chill!

(No D-bops or Wiggles spinnin' in our crib!)

I'll try to get a player up and running soon so you can hear a sample....

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posted by Wendy at 6:18 AM


Blogger Julie said...

I give it 2 nice thumbs up.. listened to the sample tracks on amazon.
I think I'm going to start the boys wish list for x-mas.. I know the requests are going to start comming in for ideas.
definitly will be putting this one in it.. it's good to chill and color too..

1:13 PM  

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