Monday, May 14, 2007

One Fab Weekend

Saturday was the opening day of the local farmer's market so we walked over there bright and early.

(can you see why I heart these trails?)

We bought some gorgeous beets for a roasted beet and wheat berry salad that I'll be making this week; some tomatoes and some lemon tea bread which we nibbled along the trail on the way home.

Satch was smitten with a small Peruvian stick drum and a tiny handmade boy doll so we bought those too.

In the afternoon we went to a bbq. Satch had a great time as you can tell by the sweaty curls!

Sunday morning, I donned the shirt I wore during labor (a t-shirt printed with a photo of a tulip that Robert gave me on our first anniversary) while Robert made us all a breakfast of pancakes and organic strawberries.

Robert wanted to take us to the Baltimore zoo, but I selfishly wanted to finish the art pieces I've been working on all week during Satch-naps and at night. So....Robert disappeared with Satch and I ran up to the studio. Here's what I've been working on:

1. A ginormous rasterization of a Sparrow's nest to hang on the wall above our bed. The wall at the foot of the bed is entirely glass and overlooks the trees so I thought I would bring some of that nature indoors in a really big a nearly 6 foot by 10 foot sort of way. The piece is comprised of 6o images consisting of large dots and printed on acid-free cotton paper. I assembled the images to form the nest and am now mounting the images onto 6 brown masonite panels and covering them with (toddler proof) lucite. I will post a photo of it next week as it's still in's worth the wait!

2. A large rasterization of the lower set of butterfly wings that I found on the trail 2 weeks ago. This is now hanging in the guest room above a bed dressed in sky blue linens. (It's a queen sized bed so that should give you an idea as to the size of the piece) Each wing is comprised of 10 images screened into large dots and printed on acid-free cotton paper. I then mounted the images onto recycled grey paper before framing in a black wooden frame. (I still need to get more linens for the bed so this is a preview)

When Robert returned with Satch, they had a huge, and extremely colorful potted Coleus for me...and then they took me out to dinner! To my mama tribe, I hope you all had an equally glorious day. Thank you for inspiring me daily.

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