Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Road Trippin' : Midsummer Night's Dream NY

Imagination bodies forth. - Shakespeare

The mancub has heard my stories about the best performance of Midsummer Night's Dream.  The one that ruined me for all other productions.  Yes, THAT good!  I wished and wished for many years that the cast would reunite and perform the play again.  They DID!  And we drove to Brooklyn to see it.  We arrived a few minutes late, but three seats were saved for us in the second row.  It was as phenomenal as I remembered. So wonderful to see these friends again!

To my surprise and delight, on the brick wall outside the theater door was stamped the puck, rubber stamp that I made for Amo who plays the knavish sprite.  He brought it with him and stamped the wall to surprise me.  What a joy that was!

We drove out to Long Island to stay for a few days and visit with my mother and friends.  On the way we stopped at Bayard Cutting, one of my favorite childhood haunts.  I wanted to show the mancub my favorite childhood tree, an ancient weeping beech.  

In the morning, the mancub wanted to catch his first snapper.  We drove to the dock and dropped a line in while eating a breakfast sandwich.  I told him the stories of how when I was a little girl I went fishing with my grandpa and awoke while it was dark to catch the morning tide.  My grandmother would bring us a picnic meal and the salt air seemed to season it.

My friend Donna (a marine biologist whom I met on the train the summer before) joined us.  She invited us on her boat.  She and her husband, captain Bob, gave the mancub some snapper-catching-tips and he reeled in his first one. 

"My legs are shaking!", he squealed.

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