Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Moment When

The moment when your doctor says, "we think you may have an incarcerated umbilical hernia so we are sending you to the ER for a scan and possible surgery tonight". And in your mind you say, " just because it seems so doesn't make it so".  And then the moment when this becomes your mantra.

The moment when the ER doc says, " well you have a hernia BUT your intestines are still intact and only adipose tissue leaked out which is the best possible scenario BUT you still need surgery".

And the moment when the nurse says, "You can leave now".

and you say, "That's a beautiful thing".

and he says, "You're a beautiful thing",.

The moment you laughed holding your abdomen saying, "I thank you from the bottom of my hernia".

Bionic Bellybutton scheduled for August 28th... 

And then moment I can get back into cobra pose.


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posted by Wendy at 1:56 PM


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