Friday, June 14, 2013

RIP Neptune & Pearl 2011 - 2013

Sadly our adopted crabs have died.  We don't know how old they were, but we they lived with us for 2 years.    I'm not exactly sure what happened as they were clearly the most pampered crustaceans around.  They ate a variety of organic foods fruits, veggies and greens in addition to their commercial food.  They had both fresh water and salt water access.  The temperature and humidity levels were constantly checked.

My guess is a faulty water filter.  I give them filtered water because chlorine can kill them.  One morning, I noticed the filter light flashing.  The filter was changed, but I feared that some of the unfiltered water got in their water dish. 

A few days later I found Pearl outside her shell and had a feeling something terrible was afoot.  I gave her (and the shells) a specially formulated crab bath, cleaned the tank, and changed the substrate.  Then I isolated Pearl with her favorite shell and she went back inside.   Neptune seemed fine and immediately burrowed into the substrate.

Things seemed pretty normal at first, but then got eerily quiet.  They are party animals and I usually hear them whooping it up at night.  I had a bad feeling about it, but waited because if they were molting again I didn't want to stress them.  

Well, I checked them and they are BOTH quite dead and we are sad. 


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