Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mission: Mizzou 2013

Scenes from our Spring Break Roadtrip wherein we:
collided with a snow storm,
ate a lot of food,
learned the history of nearly everything,
went snowboarding on a golf course
got stuck on ice at said golf course,
got the car towed at said golf course,
listened to Jupiter,
discovered the sunstone,
built a helicopter,
laughed with loved ones,
climbed an Indian Mound,
created a children's book,
while The Great Robinsky managed to escape the lens,
and the Bunnymund saved the day.




Wreath made by Sally Wood of Napa Valley Grapevine Wreath Co.   Sally has closed her company after 30 yrs, but she still has some wreaths left and they are 15% off.  Contact her at the email address on her website for details and ordering.

 Home sweet home...

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posted by Wendy at 6:11 PM


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