Friday, June 15, 2012

Wondrous Journeys

"If you enjoy living,
it is not difficult to keep the sense of wonder." - Ray Bradbury

 It's the last day of school!!! 

Today we'll be celebrating his last day of first grade.  It has not been easy for him.  He says that school is "stressful because it's so hard to sit still and focus".  He has made great strides, however, and we are so proud of him.  It took an entire school year, but we managed to get him an IEP, for which we are grateful, and believe will make 2nd grade a whole lot smoother for him.

"I'm going to miss her", he said.
"That's a good thing", I replied.
"I know", he added, "it basically means I love her".

"Mama, in sharing time...when everyone shared one thing they were proud eyes got real watery and I almost cried".

Although he doesn't like be touched by others because of his SPD, he wanted a photo with his school chums.


In the late 90's, I spotted this atoms journal in SoHo on my walk home.  I felt compelled to buy it, but it sat on the shelf unused.  Over the years I filled several other journals, but not this one.  Little did I know that I would eventually give this journal to my little boy.   "Oooooh atoms...I LOVE IT!!!", he squealed.

 It has officially become his "Gratitude Journal"...a fun and meaningful project to encourage him to practice his writing skills over the summer.

A few days ago he drew a Copperhead snake, taking great care to ensure that its head was the correct shape of a venomous snake.  I decided to laminate it and make it into a special bookmark to encourage him to keep reading during his summer vacation.

I've organized his books with these old metal tab dividers that I had left over from a project so that he can find what he's looking for a little easier...


and I created a gallery wall in our staircase to display the art that he made to help him feel connected with his first grade experience and ease the transition into summer vacation.

Transitions can be difficult for him and although he didn't particularly enjoy first grade, he said that he already misses his classmates and teacher.  I promised that he can invite his pals over as often as he wants.  For the last two days our home has been full and with it, our hearts.
Photo by A. Holt

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