Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Transit of Venus

"O Venus, beauty of the skies, 
To whom a thousand temples rise, 
Gaily false in gentle smiles, 
Full of love-perplexing wiles" - Sappho 

After some hunting I found my old eclipse shades from 2000 and we headed to Sully Park to watch the transit of Venus. 

 We were blessed with a quick glimpse before a blanket of clouds covered her.  I snapped a quick photo through a local astronomer's scope...

What I love about it is the reflection in the sun - my hands and a person seated in the grass.  The words of Ram Dass echoed in my mind...

"We're here to awaken 
from the illusion of separateness”


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posted by Wendy at 10:28 AM


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