Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hittin' the Road: Pow Wow

"My children, my children
The wind makes the head feathers sing." - Songs of the Ghost-Dance Religion (Arapaho)

We're leaving - hittin' the road!  We're going to the Cherokee Pow Wow and exploring the Smoky Mountains.  We'll be learning native crafts and listening to legends 'round a campfire.

We've stocked the back seat with a few new items to entertain our energetic boy during our upcoming road trip.   I found the perfect folding tray at Ikea that he can use in the back seat.

Some new coloring / activity books to keep him amused...

Of course we've packed some weaving loops because he finds finger weaving very soothing.  Weaving, as it turns out, is a great activity for kids with sensory issues because it's a fun way to practice crossing midline which can be difficult for them.   I've also packed a small lap loom in case he wants to get fancy...

and we're bringing along his barometer for some backseat science in order to note the change in air pressure with altitude.  We'll compare our results to the balloon and jar method that we learned about in the book "Carschooling".

We'll also be playing a little travel geography (License Plate Game).  I've printed a map of the US and we'll see how many different license plates we can spot along the way, then he can put a sticker on the matching states on the map to keep track.

We're bringing the frisbee (thanks Smiths) to burn some off his abundant energy at rest stops.

For our bedtime story, while away, we'll be reading about the Cherokee people...

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posted by Wendy at 8:01 AM


Blogger Kirsten Michelle said...

i love everything about this. & i can't wait to hear all about your adventures. enjoy!!!xo

9:33 AM  

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