Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter 2012

“The rabbits mingled naturally. They did not talk for talking's sake, in the artificial manner that human beings - and sometimes even their dogs and cats - do. But this did not mean that they were not communicating; merely that they were not communicating by talking.” ― Richard Adams, Watership Down

The bunny came and filled our woolen eggs that we made and hid them around our home. They were filled with sour Jelly Bellies and Nestle Crunch eggs. Satchel loves sour and crunchy! The thoughtful bunny tucked a few gifts into his basket: A pocket microscope for this explorations, a vintage hanky for his Spring allergies, blue Silly Putty for his fine motor skills, and a hedgehog nail brush for his grubby mitts. His daddy and I presented our little nature boy with a ginormous Ostrich egg. He thought it was magnificent. We brunched with friends and returned home to dye some eggs.

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