Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cosmic Shortcut: A Delightful Lucid Dream Wherein You Make Cameo

Cosmic Shortcut: A Delightful Lucid Dream Wherein You Make Cameo

So it begins that I'm standing in my mother's front yard in a weird sort of light that is neither night nor day. You come barreling down the street on a very 70's BMX-esque bike. You try to hop off the bike with that fancy move where you swing your leg over and balance on one pedal


you fall and go rolling onto the front lawn.

To save face you immediately tuck your arms back behind your head and cross your legs like you are chill-axin' and this fancy finish is all a part of your plan. I laugh so hard that I fall to my knees. It is a laughter so intense and it makes me so weak that I can't stand up and I have to crawl while laughing to the spot where you are.

When I catch my breath I say...

"You know in Penn Station where the blue line is?"

(You nod)

I continue…

"Well, did you ever stand at the top of the steps by the C-E
(because it usually arrives first)
and listen carefully for the sound of the A
(because it will get you to west 4th in 2 stops)
and when you hear it in the distance
- how it almost sounds like the ocean -
and you realize that you can make that train
so you turn and run down those stairs as fast as you can,
but you miss a step and you go falling downward
and in that split second you think you might even break your neck
- BUT -
something miraculous happens
and you right yourself
and you keep going like it was nothing, nothing at all,
and you don't even have time to do a little victory dance
because you are already running up the stairs to the opposite track
to catch that A train
and as you bound through the doors and land in the seat
you say 'yessss'….
which is the answer to the question in your head
which is
'did the exhilaration of that miraculous moment
outlast the fear during the stumble' - yessss"

(You nod again)

Then I say…

"Well it was kind of like that just then"

And you say…


Then as l am aware that I'm dreaming I say:

there's this really cool place
from a recurring dream that I want to show you
it's like some sort of hot springs
which makes no sense because we are on my mom's lawn
and there are no hot springs on Long Island,
but north of here in those woods THERE IS
and the water has all these colors and looks like a mood ring
and I want to test it for bacteria and minerals to figure out why
it looks so amazing
and then there is this shallow lake beyond that
and here's the WEIRDEST part…
if you go past the lake you end up in Central Park!
it happens every time and makes no sense
it's like a cosmic shortcut".

And here you start laughing.

Then your laughter combined with my excitement for wanting to show you these wonders in my dreams - wakes me up.


Disappointed at having woken too early, I padded down to my studio in the dark and tried to recreate the spring. Here it is…exactly as I see it. Only I'm showing you for real and not in a dream, which is - uniquh-supuh-freakuh- isn't it?

May you smile big for the knowing of this, and for the seeing of it too,


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Anonymous Jill said...

ack! I am squealing with love for this.

7:57 PM  

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