Thursday, December 08, 2011

Guerrilla Gratitude Notes

Sprinkle our society with thankfulness. ~ William Shakespeare
After making the teacher gifts, I started thinking about all the the principals, the janitors, the cafeteria crew, the crossing guard, the librarian and those that stand outside rain or shine to usher the kids at the kiss n' ride..and how about the mail carriers. I decided to make a set of business card sized gratitude notes to give thanks to everyone who makes our lives easier, wiser, safer, funner, healthier, fuller, etc. I will give a handful to my son to distribute at school while I go guerrilla and hit the post office, crossing guard, trash collector et al.

I used Overnight Prints for my cards because their printing is perfection and the prices are the best around! You can get 50 cards for under $10. And it's easy! Just download their business card template, add your photo and text...then follow the directions. Once they arrive in your mailbox, you can go spread your pocket sized bits of gratitude all over town!

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posted by Wendy at 5:11 AM


Blogger wifemotherexpletive said...

that is excellent. hope they feel your thanks. . .

8:03 AM  

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