Monday, May 30, 2011

Six Rides Around the Sun: Pie Fight Birthday Celebration!

And I never met a flower
Who'd deny the higher power
That was born to shine on everyone - MaMuse

Scenes from Satchel's Birthday Party wherein there were bubbles, crowns, and a much anticipated pie fight wish...

I made this Windhorse (prayer flag) with photos from Satchel's birth. I used one of Target's flour sack towels. I tore it into squares so the edges would be tattered. I printed 5 of my favorite photos onto transfer paper - utilizing the seam as top. Then I ironed the images onto the fabric. Next I threaded Tibetan recycled silk yarn through the seam and ta da!

 * I read that reddi-wip was the best choice for pie fights because it doesn't sting and it's edible. (Some people use shaving cream, but that can sting little eyes.) We used flimsy paper plates to prevent injury in case the wild rumpus got extra wild.

Squirters and a Slip n' slide to help de-pie....



In lieu of thank you cards, each guest received a special photo from the party via paper saving pixels!


And some behind the scenes magic making (with linky love to tutorials)...

Tutorial via Crafty Crow

There's tons of tutorials for giant bubble wands, but here's one with swell photos. There was a bubble wand for each guest to take home! You can make your own bubble solution. There's tutorials all over the web or you can buy an extreme bubble mix here!


(An unfortunate typo) and mustache tutorial. *Use foam sheets instead of construction paper because it's way better!


Mini Pinwheel cupcake toppers tutorial.

Inside the Goody Bag:

1. Smencil 2. Sunflower Seed Bomb 3. Wall walking spider 4. Mini Play Dough, 5. Gnome Tattoos 6. Pop Rocks 7. Finger Light 8. Meringue Cookies

I always keep a watchful eye for sales on non-perishable goody bag items and keep them in a bin in my closet. I bought a party pack of mini play dough tubs at a yard sale. The smencils and finger lights were a sale item at Michaels.

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posted by Wendy at 9:40 AM


Blogger Jessica Monte said...

Looks like soooo much fun! I love the photos and the theme too. Love the craft ideas. You are amazing!

7:15 PM  
Anonymous vickie said...

What a fantastic party!!!! soso soo creative! the pie fight birthday is a stroke of genius!

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wendy, what a beautiful party and wonderful planning! Looks like Satchel had a terrific time!

Using your Pie Fight and Bubble ideas for our 4th party. What solution did you use for your bubbles?

Thanks, Barbara

3:31 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Thank you, Barbara. Hope your party is equally wild. Here's a link to the bubble solution

3:43 PM  

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