Monday, January 03, 2011

This Brief Moment: Holiday Recap

And the snow,
while it is here, reminds us of this:
that nothing lasts forever
except memories.
And while the snow
is here
this brief moment,
let us take a walk
and see how beautiful
the world is. - Cynthia Rylant (Snow)

Christmas eve morn, I awoke with a sore throat, but figured it was just the terribly dry air. Later, that day my eyeballs began to hurt, my hair too, then it finally dawned on me that I had a fever. I was fairly useless, but I somehow managed between periodic sofa diving with a blanket and a mug of hot cider. Am I ever glad that I finished all the holiday makings and buyings and wrappings and doings earlier in the month.

Satch woke up at 6 in the morning and screamed,


The tree sparkled and there were lovely gifts carefully placed beneath. ( Linky-love for those looking for simple yet swell inexpensive gifts ideas for 2011).

We noticed that Santa always wraps his gifts in tissue paper tied with delicate curling ribbon, while we wrap our gifts in simple kraft paper with stripey yarn. A little Pinocchio puppet hung from the mantel where his stocking dangled the night before and on the hearth below lay his stocking nearly bursting with tiny treasures and treats.

Upon the little plate, where Satch left a piece of cheese for Santa Mouse, there stood a darling little mug for hot cocoa and in it a tiny, delicately wrapped gift from the mouse himself!

It was a palm sized pirate ship!

Satch had three wishes for Christmas, a violin, a microscope and Legos! Santa brought him the violin, the Grands sent the latter. There were other treats for our boy as well (from Santa, friends, family and his mama and dada), all of which pleased him greatly! There was the Pinocchio (found at a summer yard-sale along with the set of wee bongos). There was Uno, markers (from the Chens), a shark tooth necklace from Kenya and other treasures (from the Kabler-Sarns), the Mystery in the Forest Story Cards, the finger flashlights (from Noma), the Hexbug Nano, the sacred medicine bag (from the Campbells) the Ice Skates, and Katamino and...

Slips & Ladders, and a pre-loved Mattel re-issue of Battling Tops in an awesome multilingual box (my favorite Christmas gift in 1968), Boggle Jr, HyperDash, a ViewMaster Projector and even a Tooth Fairy Box (from Uncle Ray)...

and there was a stack of wonderful books from friends (the Mayers), family (the grands, the Rizzis, and Satchel's aunt Lola) and of course, Santa. We are a bookish family after all.

The Great Robinsky and I received some mighty fine reads too...and a yogurt maker (which will eliminate some of the variables in traditional towel wrapped incubation), and pocket warmers and handmade artist gloves (from Dr. Simon), a pre-loved-lovely jacket from Greenmama, and a wicked cool original lithograph (by the talented Chelsea Dobert-Kehn), and a pound of my secret brew "Organic Wendy Blend" (from my beloved uncle). It's true, it's my favorite and best and you can ask for it by name. There were fruits and sweets and greets and treats and there was even a gift to Heifer International in our honor (from the Sowders).

Fever notwithstanding, I managed to pull together a holiday feast...a vegetarian roast with organic baby carrots, taters, sage gravy, and those spinach tartlets that Satch loves. I defrosted some of Satchel's homemade applesauce that I rationed for such an occasion. And I made some new recipes - props to Sweet Paul Magazine.

Satch deemed it the best Christmas ever! I have to agree...the Great Robinsky surprised me with a fancy new sewing machine to replace the ancient worn out and wonky one that I currently use...the one that is broken in two places and taped together. I tell you, when I opened that box I cried.

This year closed with a big gulp from the cup of gladness: 5 parties, one of which we hosted, all of which involved lots of beautiful boisterous children and one with an added bonus of melted cheese. There were quiet moments too, moments of reflection, of healing...of reading a/o re-reading every word written by Mary Oliver and a few by Starhawk, gathering insight, inspiration and a new muse to chase in the new year...

and for a brief moment, there was a dusting of snow.

*Will be away from my diary for the rest of the week as we are transforming my studio into a space that will host a cozy 6 Mighty Girls for creative wintry rejuvenation. More as it unfolds...

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Anonymous Jessica said...

The food looks delish! I love the idea of wrapping gifts with tissue paper; it seems more eco friendly.

4:51 PM  

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