Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"Crunchy would be a good word to write in your web."- E.B. White (Charlotte's Web)

When I drove S to Discovery Woods yesterday he asked me if I could bring his camera when I came back to pick him up. He was very excited about the enormous garden spider and wanted to photograph it.

I arrived early and sat on the log pile. The children were just returning from the meadow when S spotted me. "It's not time yet, Mama", he shouted, wanting to soak up every last second of this magical place.

When he emerged again, I handed him his camera and we both photographed his teacher releasing the latest Monarch to emerge, this one a male.

Then he took me to the front yard to show me Charlotte, the garden spider. He pointed out her egg case and noted that it looked like his mantis egg case. He photographed the spider then showed his mates how to use his camera. They each took a turn.

I am so happy that his days are filled with wonder and awe. I miss sharing those moments with him. I am grateful for his daily recounting of his adventures and the teachers' notes and photos that make his tales all the more vivid.

"Did you miss me?", he asked.

"More than you know", I replied.

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