Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mom to Mom Give Away: Nikki McClure

Satch and I are huge fans of Nikki McClure. When I told him that the art is made from paper cuts, he was enthralled. "But how, Mama, HOW?!?!" I sat him down in front of the computer and played this video. He was SMITTEN!

We were delighted to see Nikki's art in Cynthia Rylant's book, "All in a Day" last year. And we are excited beyond words that Nikki released her own book, this past May! Both books quickly became bedtime favorites. The images depict tender moments that children and parents can relate to, moments shared within the closeness of family. Both books inspire the reader to savor the beauty in our day to day life. You will have a chance to win one of these books at the end of the post! In the is my honor to introduce you to Nikki McClure...

Mom: Nikki McClure
Of: Finn
Where: Olympia, WA
Site: Nikki McClure

1. In what ways has becoming a mother changed you?

Just about every way! Though I still feel little bubbles of me rising to the surface every now and then but not strong enough to get up from a warm snuggle with a sleeping child and make my way to see my friend's band play down the street.

I find that I am much more efficient. No dilly dallying- except when I am just hanging out with my child.

We just dilly-dally then!

2. What message would you like to share with creative mothers?

Make new rules. Work small and quick. Finn is reading a book and eating nectarine slices as I type this.

3. What inspired you to create "Mama, is it Summer Yet"?

Finn asking me that question in March!- It was a nice day, granted. I wanted to show him what to look for and look forward to. I realized that if my nature savvy kid was a bit confused, then what about all the kids inside all day! There is also a part that explains why we eat strawberries in June, not February no matter how big and red they seem to be in the market, Our family has to wait. I'm so cruel.

4. Your work inspires me because it so movingly reflects the beauty in ordinary moments, family and nature. Would you mind sharing one such moment with my readers and how that moment was portrayed in your work?

This one is hard...every picture has a back story. I like to keep them secret so the image can belong to the viewer and elicit their own set of memories.

5. What moves you, grounds you, fills you with joy?

Summer. Eating wild berries. Swallows flying. When everyone is happy at the same time.

To honor the passing Summer season and warm your hearts in the coming cold months, the generous folks at Abrams Books is allowing me to give away a copy of these two beautiful books. To win one of the inspiring beauties, kindly share one favorite Summer moment spent with your child in the comments section of this post and specify which book you are swooning over. The winner will be picked by random generator and announced on Wednesday August 18th.

*Please leave an email so I can contact the winners.

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posted by Wendy at 5:04 AM


Blogger bodhileaf said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Swooning over both but especially "all in a day."

How I love these moments...favourite one is sitting on a hillside bathed in golden sunlight while sheep grazed. I sat with my 2 and a half year old little boy and we made daisy chains and listened to the birds. Embraced by the natural world as we took deep breaths and paid wonder filled attention :)

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Rochelle said...

What beautiful books. I can't wait to check out this new to me artist. Thank you for sharing!

10:33 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Wow! She is just awesome!
Well, if I have to choose just one to swoon over I guess I would have to say, her book, Mam, Is It Summer Yet?.
And my favorite summer moment with my girls is berry picking. I just love that time, each of us relatively quietly engrossed with picking and then each of us not so secretly sneaking tastes of the berries.
August 18th is my 30th birthday.. that has to be good mojo for me right?! ;-D

10:49 AM  
Blogger denise said...

Oooh! We love love love her books and art. I have a calendar from years ago that the boys still keep. :)We have read those books but don't have them in our collection! We love them both - but I think All in a Day.

Favorite summer moment...this morning, when we released a just hatched blue swallowtail butterfly into the garden, only to have it land on my 5 year olds head, and sit for several minutes until it was ready to fly off to flowers and sunshine.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Eccentric Mama said...

So hard to choose....I love the one called Mom, is it summer yet?
Brilliant from cut-outs!

12:23 PM  
Blogger Eccentric Mama said...

Oh, I forgot to post my favorite moment with my grandchild. I thoroughly enjoyed playing in the pool with my three youngest grandchildren. We squealed and laughed for two hours.

12:25 PM  
Blogger steph said...

My favorite summer moment is my two-year-old son scribbling on the easel outside in the backyard, spashing in the baby pool and going for ice cream! I like both books but Mom, Is It Summer Yet, we sure are feeling summer now!

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...

My favorite artist... We have her work all through our home, and we're in the same town so we're fortunate to see her art all the time. We would love our own copy of "Mama, Is It Summer Yet?"

I've been on full bedrest this summer so my favorite memory is a little different this year. It's snuggling up together on the bed, hearing about his adventures with all of our loved ones (who have swooped in to give him a summer).

Thanks for the opportunity!

1:10 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

My favorite summer moments thus far have to be all the splashing with my little ones in mountain streams! We would love Is it Summer Yet because we already enjoy, almost daily, All in a Day. Thank you Wendy for this opportunity - hope summer is treating your family well!

1:41 PM  
Blogger herb mother said...

wow. ive never seen this before. too cool. me thinks all in a day would be lovely, but id go for summer too. my fav desert summer moment? the second the monsoon breaks, we shed our clothes, hit the patio and dance with the clouds.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Karen Maezen Miller said...

I like! And I like her haircut.

7:19 PM  
Blogger **Marilyn** said...

such wonderful talent. I"ll let u choose which book. they r both beautiful.

I must admit this summer has been the BEST for myself and my 3 Girls. we are finally settling in this country and excited exploring new activities and places.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thrilled about this giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

My favorite summer moment with the kids was is probably when we first put the sprinkler out. It was hilarious fun. On that day there were a few serendipitous moments that made it all feel so worth it and so right.

Books wise, the last batch from the library they liked a book called Carrot Soup (it has enough repetition to encourage story telling on their part which they seem to be interested in lately) and it had a recipe as well at the end. Cooking is something they've always liked to participate in. So that book scored big with my four year old twins.

10:34 PM  
Blogger taimarie said...

Ooo, we love Nikki McClure over here, every month we all flip over the new calendar page like a treasure. My favorite summer moments are sitting at the lake in the shade of a tree knitting while my kiddos splash and play in the sand. So lovely. And I am swooning over the summer book- I've not seen it yet and would love to!

10:46 PM  
Blogger Queen Anne said...

Nikki McClure is very popular here in Seattle. Thank you for the interview! "All in a day" is my favorite.

My favorite moment Is climbing trees and the look of amazement at being 5 feet up!

11:35 PM  
Blogger jenica said...

oh goodness. this is beautiful and she is true and kind.

favorite summer moment: all 6 of us huddled on a hammock gazing up, swaying with the wind, and watching as the trees dance and birds fly. and then someone elbows someone else and then someone gets kicked in the eye. and then that one moment is replaced with a tickle orgy and a chase around the yard.


11:57 PM  
Blogger The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I, too, love discovering new artists (and blogs!) - my favorite summertime thing as a mom is to be doing nothing scheduled. Those are my favorite moments like when we go to the pool after supper and come home wearing our pajamas or lying on the backyard swing, each of us reading. It doesn't get better than that.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Gen said...

Hi there, my favorite is All in a day. After spending many a summer at our family cottage, it has been such a gift to be able to start going to the cottage with my 18 month old twins. This summer, my partner and I took them in the canoe for the first time. It was amazing to be able to share that with them!
Thanks a bunch

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Gen said...

oops, forgot my email address (I had the post about canoeing at the cottage)

9:19 AM  
Blogger Alyssa said...

Awake to Nap by the amazing Ms. McClure is my toddler's favorite picture book. We would love to own these two beauties!

My favorite moment was watching my 2 and 7 year old boys harvesting our fingerling potato patch with pure delight and diligence...
alyssa (dot) tsagong (at) gmail (dot) com

2:30 PM  
Blogger FuNkY MoMmY said...

This summer has been so amazing...we have many favorite moments. My most favorite is probably seeing my 2 year old venture into the water at the beach for the first time. Either book would be great!

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful interview and giveaway! I would choose "Mama, is it Summer yet?" because we got it from the library today and my 3 year old twins wanted
to read it about 10 times in a row. We all loved it lots:)

11:21 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

My favorite moment from this summer was watching my kids' faces light up while watching the 4th of July fireworks. I would like to read "Mama, Is It Summer Yet".

11:49 AM  
Blogger Nyssaneala said...

My favorite moment from this summer was on one of our CSA farm trips when my daughter was particularly helpful. We had a great time picking blackberries, snap beans, and sunflowers!

My favorite book is All in a Day.

abergsman at gmail dot com

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Maria said...

Hi Wendy!!
My favorite summer moment was watching my girls splash and play in the lake. :)
We would LOVE either book!!!!

5:13 PM  
Anonymous erin said...

my favourite summer moment with my child- as she grows inside me... was when i was 35 weeks pregnant and a dear beautiful artist came to visit- and took my picture. it was a rainy grey irish summer day, and once we arrived at the lake- the clouds parted- the sun was bright... and a full rainbow appeared behind me with the dark storm clouds.
the pictures of me, with my swollen baby belly- her swirling around inside. and this magic created...


11:29 AM  
Blogger Carrie at Rhubarbsky said...

Probably my favorite moment this summer was laying in the improvised backyard tent that my daughter and I made from a vintage sheet. The two of us just laid in the grass under that sheet and wiggled our toes in the grass. Lovely.
I love all of Nikki McClure's work, but All in a Day is singing to me.
Thank you!
rhubarbsky at gmail dot com

12:58 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

My favorite moment of the summer has been watching my son help his daddy, everything from yard work to building a chicken coop to keeping a close eye over his daddy working in the garage.

3:27 PM  

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