Monday, June 21, 2010

Joyful Moments (and a winner)

"This moment contains all moments" - C.S. Lewis

There were many moments of joy last week. There was the moment where we wrangled some neighbors to join us on our weekly walk to the farmers market, then getting crafty with our friends from At Play Cafe next to the peaches. Watching S ride his balance bike back and forth through the puddle. Making it home before the rain. Seeing his little hands shell peas and how he said, "shelling makes NO sense, it should be called UN-shelling". When the doorbell rang and in bounded the neighbor's sweet kids (one with a fistful of clover flower) and how their mom sat on the kitchen floor with me to finish shelling. And then eating those delicious fresh peas for dinner with pasta and spinach ricotta pesto...

The Solstice picnic at his future school. The cool peeps there. The fun and challenging scavenger hunt with cryptic clues. The honey colored light. The one with the potato canon whose perfect imitation of some dismayed ducks brought me much laughter. The beautiful wee babe with the long toes. The boy who said, "you're really nice". Watching the kids catch fireflies while wearing the glow rings that I gave them. S pulling me in the wagon before sunset. The way he smelled of summer, warm cotton and sweet grass. When he spotted two planets in the sky on the way home and correctly identified Mars.

Making Father's Day pancakes with S. His excitement about flipping them all by himself. The carnival at Town Center. His first time on a Ferris Wheel. The moment when his expression changed from that of apprehension to one of joy.

*Because of his sensory processing, he's wary of new experiences...he wants to try them, but it takes him awhile to let go and have fun - the expression on his face (below) when he's in struggle is altogether heartbreaking for me, but his proud smile after facing his inner conflict and choosing joy is worth it.

How he wanted to sample some carney-confections, especially the one that looks like insulation.

And that moment, unsure of the textural experience, yet wanting to say something positive he declared it, "very pullable".

His first time trying a snow cone and how LIME was the color of antifreeze. He said, "refreshing".

His face as he came down the big slide and when he went back THREE more times.

Saying YES to the dart game that he so wanted to play. When he popped the balloon on the first throw and won his prize!

And how my mind flooded with childhood memories: Riding the Ferris Wheel with my grandmother. When my daddy played darts to win me a I was afraid of the sharp darts and the loud pop of the balloons. Riding the Merry-go-round, waving to my family as I rode by, and the loud music. My grandfather winning me a goldfish with a ping pong ball. My mother eating cotton candy on a paper stick.

Speaking of winners and brings me great joy to announce the winner of the Time to Remember Giveaway (drumroll)

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