Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weathering a Day...

or the part where I confess how I keep my wee boy entertained when I'm under the weather...

Watercolors, breakfast cereal, pajamas 'til noon if possible...

Temporary tattoos, body markers, mac n' cheese...

Comb-overs and foam soap beards. Kipper and Quiet-Time....

*Forts, battery operated candles and snacks.

* We make forts from a sheet and use clothes pins to attach it to the back of the sofa or clipped to his stage curtains like tent. We recently purchased these toy bins at Ikea. I like them, even though they're plastic, because they are light, stackable, translucent AND have WHEELS so he can move them to where he wants to play. They also make great walls for forts! And believe it or not, they sort of blend right into our living/play area, see here. Our fort making history is here!

and last, but not least
*Peace Potion and pizza for dinner...

*On the kitchen floor for easy clean-up: Add food coloring to some vinegar and set out a small cup of baking soda, a tray to catch foam overflow and a towel to catch spills. Give the wee one a tiny measuring spoon, an eyedropper, medicine cups, some tiny squeeze bottle to package the potions and enjoy a moment of peace while waiting for the Dada to bring home pizza for dinner.

How do you while away the hours on such days?


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posted by Wendy at 5:40 AM


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