Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bedtime Book Basket: The Cat at Night

"The sky is dark and full of stars,
but everything else is like day to him.
Night is the best time of all –
the time when
he likes to go exploring."
- Dahlov Ipcar (The Cat at Night)

We have a new favorite in our bedtime book basket...

We received a review copy of this gorgeous book by Dahlov Ipcar! In "The Cat at Night", we follow a cat on one of his nighttime adventures and we see what the cat sees. The paintings are exquisite and the story, a delight. Each spread portrays the cat as we would see him, a silhouette in the shadowy night. A turn of the page transforms the same scene as the cat would see it. Satch enjoys trying to locate the cat in each nighttime silhouette before turning the page to cat-vision.

Look closely.
Can you find him?
Lovely, isn't it!

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