Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Imagination Box

"Imagination will take you everywhere" - Albert Einstein

I've mentioned our "Imagination Box" before, but not in great detail. This is my son's latest invention, a "Breakfast Cooker Flipper" for helping with pumpkin pancakes. It is comprised of two spools, a rubber band, and the display hook from his crocks. It is a levered spatula!

Although Satch has some wonderfully creative toys, he often pulls out his "Imagination Box" and invents gadgets. Here's what's inside...

  • 0ld shoe box with cut garage door in case
  • rubber bands in various shapes, sizes, colors
  • clothes pins
  • empty spools of all sorts
  • assorted twist ties and chenille stems
  • wire
  • wood bits and sticks
  • floss
  • assorted pieces of string, yarn and ribbon
  • tape
  • golf tees (to hammer into the box bottom)
  • empty match box
  • scraps of heavy cardboard
  • shipping tags and ring tags
  • paper clips
  • bells
  • plastic hooks from socks (he uses them for pulleys and cranes)
  • felt ball a/o pompoms
  • net bags from onions etc.
  • misc. found objects like springs etc.

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posted by Wendy at 5:36 AM


Blogger Kim Curic said...

An imagination box! What a wonderful idea!

9:17 PM  

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