Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parsley the Pillar and Friends

"I'm going to name my callopilla, Parsley and I'm going to name all my ants, Alicia, because ants are mostly girls!" - Satch

(It's true most ants are females
- When the harvester ants arrived, he took one look at them and renamed them all "tweezer")
Parsley the caterpillar played a round of Hi-Ho Cherry-O. Satch had to spin for Parsley because all those legs could lead to multiple spins. He placed the green apples atop it's jar lid. I should mention that Parsley is rather portly and looks exactly like this...too difficult to photograph inside the jar.

Parsley played a round of Memory too.

Parsley had a sleep-over, but the next morning had spun itself a webbed hammock suspended from the jar lid. Turns out, Parsley is attempting to become a Giant Leopard Moth with a 3 inch wingspan, so I picked up a fine mesh cage thingy on Freecycle, removed the lid and suspended both lid and silky hammock from a branch in the cage.

We've been waiting a few weeks for some action - nothing. I've sent an email to a local entomologist and we're waiting for a reply.

The fireflies have showed up on cue and are performing each evening. There seems to be less than years before, but we're happy to see them. And lastly, we're still patiently waiting for our baby mantids to emerge...

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