Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday Buggin'

Satchel is a bug luv'n babe. So many of his toys this year honor his current interest. Here are some related toys & gifts that are a big hit in our nest...

ExoBonz by Curious Toys is an anthromorphic building set that allows children to create their own critters. Extremely creative and very well made, Exobonz is a toy that nurtures the imagination. Not to mention, IT'S WAY COOL!

Satch played the Ladybug Game at his friend R's house and has been obsessed with it ever since. Ladybugs adventure homeward and encounter a Mantis, some Ants and Aphids. The game was created by a 6 yr old girl named, Kylie. It a sweet and simple game for pre-schoolers! One of the things I like most about it when you land on the brick that sends you back 3 spaces, you get to spin again.

The classic Cootie game is nostalgic. A fun build a bug game for sure.

Ants in the pants is another classic bug luv'n game. Played like Tiddlywinks, kidlets try to make the ants jump into a pair of trousers.

*I would really like to meet the geinus behind this version!

Satch received this game in the spring from his Grandma. Elefun is one of those giggle inducing games. Butterflies pop out of the elephant's trunk and the wees scurry about trying to catch them in their butterfly nets. I wish there was a way to rig it so the butterflies come out one at a time rather than a swarm, but the kidlets don't seem to mind.

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posted by Wendy at 5:37 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those games all look like lots of fun! For kids...yes yes for kids ;)

4:10 AM  

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