Thursday, September 04, 2008

While We're Away...

"We are all interdependent and we have a planetary family" - Dorothy Nolte Law

As many of you know my family and I are headed to Squam Art Workshop to make art and howl at the moon with this family and this mama who I heart very much. Many of us have been dancing to the beat of the distant drumming and now it's time to answer the call...

Will you hold your spirit sacred?

Yes, I will!

As Brené Brown says so eloquently in her inspiring cds, "We can't give our children what we don't have" can we give our children the gift of living passionately, a sense of belonging and connection, or nurture their innate creativity...if we don't practice these things in our own life. And for this very reason I signed up for Squam. I am humbled by and grateful for all the support I've received that has helped make it possible for me to attend.

While I'm away, I've asked parenting coach Colleen Baker to guest blog on my behalf and share with you (and me) some of the most common discipline questions that she receives from clients.

Colleen's background is in early childhood education. It was because of her experience in managing 12 childcare centers that she began to focus her attention on parent coaching. She felt that she could make a difference in the lives of individual families and left her field to pursue her calling. She started her business, Powerful Parents, in January of 2008.

Colleen is mother to three charming boys. She is inspired by the work of Sal Severe (How to Behave So Your Children Will Too), and the late Dorothy Law Nolte Ph.D., author of "Children Learn What They Live" whose poem has been posted on refrigerator doors 'round the world. She lives/works in NoVA and is available for telephone consults.

I met Colleen at a parenting workshop at Satchel's favorite haunt, At Play Cafe. Her presentation was insightful and inspiring and addressed a wide variety of parenting concerns. I really appreciated her use of the word "behaviors" rather than "problems" as to me this is a reflection of her respect for children and positive discipline approach.

Colleen has agreed to guest blog for me and will write about four of the most common questions that she receives from parents regarding behaviors and how to address them in a nurturing and positive way. She will answer any questions you may have in the comments section of each post.

I'll be back on the 15th for Most Alive Monday!

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posted by Wendy at 5:51 AM


Blogger E and T said...

Hi Wendy

What a beautiful thing the Buddha Board is.

I hope that the Squam Art Workshop is everything you hope it to be and that you are exposed to new and exciting creative experiences. It sounds like the perfect opportunity to meet other like minded people and an experience that will inspire you.

I look forward to hearing wht Colleen Baker has to to share.

Enjoy your time away my friend.


8:26 AM  
Anonymous Beth said...

I hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling, enriching and happy time. I'm so glad it worked out for you to go! Enjoy... Can't wait to hear all about it.

10:26 AM  
Blogger denise said...

Oh, it is that time. How wonderful you are able to go. I can't wait to hear about it and see photos! :)

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time wen! I'll be thinking of you.
Got my mail today.. thanks.. I already started listening..

8:10 PM  
Anonymous vickie said...

Wow, sounds fantastic!!! just yesterday was reading brene brown's (?) website, love love her

have a fantastic time a squam (?) i know must find out what it is so i can go.

can't WAIT to read Colleen's posts...wonderful!

12:53 PM  

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