Tuesday, August 26, 2008


How much good inside a day?
Depends how good you live 'em. - Shel Silverstein

Redspottedpurple is a new company owned and operated by Hermie Meerman & Francis Hörters who have made a conscious choice to create high quality, imaginative products with respect for both humans and nature. Their products are made from 100% recycled wool, 100% Alpaca and 100% organic cotton, which are hand knit by artisans from otherwise disadvantaged economies in Turkey, Peru and Namibia. The products are made in homes of the craftspeople, not in factories.

I asked Francis about the inspiration for Satchel's much loved Talisman necklace. She explained, "It comes from the original African talisman. We have been traveling a lot in Africa and we admire the traditional body decoration of the African people. It's pure and autonomous. They wear their talisman for good luck and inspiration. We want to give children some good luck and inspiration with our talisman and the little pockets might contain all the secrets they collect during the day".

Satchel is also in love with his "Green redspottedpurple" who has taken rides in his bicycle basket and frequently joins us for breakfast. He has named his creature, "Horbist", and claims that he eats rubber bands and goat cheese. I admit that I too am smitten with Horbist so I asked Francis to tell me a little more about the creatures of Redspottedpurple.

"Our creatures originate from children's imaginations...", she explained, "the first drawings they make, the stories they tell. These drawings and stories show the essence of their fantasy. It doesn't have to look "for real" it's all imagination. The colors don't match, the legs aren't the same. This is a habit children unlearn when they become older. Redspottedpurple wants children and grown ups to keep this habit. That's why the figures make you smile. The recognition of a child's imagination".


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