Thursday, August 28, 2008

Turn Turn Turn

"To everything there is a season" - The Byrds

With Labor Day just around the corner, we made mementos to honor the passing of the summer season.

Go give it a whirl!

I've been seriously diggin' the book, "Sharing Nature with Children" by Joseph Cornell. It's a nifty little nature awareness guide that is comprised of games and activities to nurture a love for nature. "Heartbeat of Trees" is just one of the activities that I'm planning to do next spring with Satch in which we listen to trees with a stethoscope. In the spring the sap surges within the tree, and one can hear cracking sounds...the tree's "heartbeat". This exercise fosters a sense of empathy for trees as living things.

Other nifty additions to our seasonal explorations are these Fandex Family Field Guides. They fan out sort of like paint swatches on a ring with vivid die cut images and concise information. They are small enough to take with you on a hike with the wees and easy for little hands to hold. Click on the images for more info.

Have a good weekend, everyone! See you Tuesday.

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posted by Wendy at 5:41 AM


Blogger E and T said...

Hi Wendy

In three days, it will be spring here in Australia. We have lots of plans to explore the great outdoors and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer during this season. I clicked on the link for the book, "Sharing Nature With Children" and proceeded to peruse the table of contents. Wow, what a host of unique and memorable experiences. I am so impressed by this book that I am going to order it online.

Those field guides also look very good - perfect for little hands, colourful and informative.

I am so happy to see that you have your camera back. I am sure you are enjoying every minute of it.

How is Elvis? I hope that he is well.


7:21 AM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

Ooh! I love your sunprints. That looks like something fun to try with Annabelle. Happy Labor Day. And I hope all is well.

12:15 PM  

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