Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some New Kind of Air

"You can tell what's worth a celebration because your heart will pound and you'll feel like you're standing on top of a mountain and you'll catch your breath like you were breathing some new kind of air" - Byrd Baylor (I'm in Charge of Celebrations)

Satch recently began drawing what I call prim-peeps (primitive people) or headfooters and he was so pleased with himself and his new discovery that he could draw something symbolic, something anyone could recognize...I just had to find a way to celebrate the moment.

The shirts above were inspired by a project from the wonderful book, Making Stuff For Kids. I transferred Satchel's drawings onto the pocket of his shirt and embroidered over it. I tried two different stitches, a back stitch (left) for his pencil drawing and a split stitch (right) for the thicker crayon drawing.

Making Stuff For Kids is packed with simple and imaginative projects to create with and for kids. The chapters are compiled by skill level (teeny talents - tough cookies). My faves are the amazing floating bookshelf and the whimsical wall decals, both of which I will certainly be making at the new nest. And the tutus and tea-towel dresses for wee girls are just darling!

We've been having some yucky rainy days and so we've been spending our time crafting and playing and making to-do lists of future projects. I'm always on the qui vive for new ideas and I recently discovered a few more gems...

This book has a tutorial for an adorable cardboard castle that is on our to-do list. The tutorial for bottle cap shakers inspired an idea for a beaded curtain that I've been working on for the window in the play/living area of the new nest that we're moving to in June (photos to come). And I'm absolutely wild about the tutorial for rag coasters. They look like mini rag rugs...very colorful, very folk-artsy!

Nature's Art Box has a nice collection of nature crafting that includes instructions for some very magical fairy houses and textures stones as seen all over blog land. I can't wait to try the fern print t-shirt and I'm sure Satch will enjoy the hammering process needed to create it.

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