Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I slept poorly last night and awoke feeling seriously sluggish with a slimy feeling in the back of my throat rendering it quite raw. "Everyone wonders at the nature of slug slime", said Jasmine Saville (whose home I do truly covet, by the way). This statement couldn't be more true. Trying to remove slug slime from Satchel's fingers and clothing takes effort...that slime is crazy sticky. And that is precisely what I feel like this morn..., slow, sticky, slimy and raw.

I don't have the energy for much of anything today, let alone being creative.

A kindred mom, whom I met through freecycle of all places, said, "Wendy, you have such a strong creative instinct...at some point I would love to talk with you about how you manage to feed it and also balance all the practical things which life requires - I have a strong creative instinct too, but I am so often overwhelmed". I replied, "I've been asking other moms that very same question for a year and a half".

Perhaps it's a part of who we are and we sort of just find those golden moments in which we can create.

The serendipity of the aforementioned exchange called me to reflect upon this glorious book. I think Sandra Magsamen said it best in her book entitled ,"Living Artfully: A heartfull guide of ideas and inspirations that celebrate life, love and the moments that matter", wherein she writes, "The desire to make beautiful, meaningful moments and things is an undeniable part of who we are".

I swear, her book is like the inspiration bible!

As for today, I'll have to take a break from all the makin' and doin' (and worryin' about the move that is a month away)...I'll have to mend my self and not the holes in my jeans.

"she is part of the pond she lives in,
the tall trees are her children,
the birds that swim above her
are tied to her by an unbreakable string" - Mary Oliver


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