Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seasonal Book Basket: Spring Fever!

"from hop-scotch and jump-rope and
spring" - e.e. cummings

(More wonders and beauty here!)

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring....I love Spring! And this season always makes me think of seedlings, and all the critters that start emerging...and puddles and little toy boats to sail in them. Here is a list of our MUCH loved spring reads....books that celebrate the season and nature.

One word can sum up the beauty of these two books - Exquisite! You'll be hearing from illustrator, Sylvia Long in November's Mom to Mom Interview! -

(Click on the book covers for more info)

We just love these endangered species books by Jonathan London. The illustrations by Jon Van Zyle truly capture the characteristics of the animals.

Toy Boat is a great book for when the world is puddle-wonderful. Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated! Make your own toy boat and head out to the nearest puddle. Instructions here, here, here and for the You'll be hearing from the author mama, Randall de Seve, in September's Mom to Mom interview!

Frog Belly Rat Bone is one of Satchel's favorites. The textured cover lends itself to an altered art book. The illustrations are very imaginative. Give this books as a gift with a package of seed bombs (or make your own) and the message of this book will come to life. We forced daffodil bulbs on the windowsill!

Spring is mud-luscious... so there are bound to be some animal tracks. Wild Tracks! includes life size images of animal tracks so you and your wees can identify which animal found the mud before you.

We're learning lots about our feathered friends with this book and we're driving our cats bonkers with the enclosed cd. Satch can easily identify several birds, both by sound and sight!
Sing, Nightingale, Sing!

As the author of Kid's Easy-to-Create Wildlife Habitats, Emily Stetson, points out in this wonderful's free, easy and fun and your small efforts can make a huge difference to a variety of creatures!

The Kids' Nature Book encourages children to explore nature with 365 activities and experiences for indoors or outdoors. There is literally something for every day of the year.

And now that things are looking a bit greener outside, perhaps you mamas are thinking about going a bit greener yourself. If so, Living the Good Life is a very entertaining account of one family's efforts towards 6 months of sustainable living.

Happy Spring!!!

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