Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Learning To Fly

This morning I awoke to the sound of song birds and a pink sunrise! I crept up to the studio to peck out these words and recalled a vivid memory of grasping a pink crayon and cornflower blue crayon together in one small fist...this is how I colored my skies as a child. Yes! And THIS is exactly what the sky looks like this morning! And while I sit here with song and color swirling around me and making my heart leap, I must tell you this.....

I just made one of the sweetest little discoveries...this tiny book translated from German entitled, "Learning To Fly" by Sebastian Meschenmoser. It's a story about a penguin who was flying happily along when he happened upon a flock of birds who told him that penguins can't fly... and so he crashed. Luckily, he met a chap who was determined to help him back up. I love the message of this book, don't you?!

This book encourages readers (young and old alike) to have faith in themselves and it serves as a reminder to support the dreams of our children (even if we have our doubts) and find a way to help them soar.

Did anyone ever knock the wind out of your sail?
Were you a child or an adult?
Was it by a well meaning loved one?
Was it by a jealous doubter?
(I'm wondering how many people have had this experience)


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posted by Wendy at 5:30 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Wen.. This VERY thing happened to me just last night by my own husband!!

My dear friend and co-worker left yesterday to find a new work adventure.. and as we all know many friendships crumble under the weight of having to maintain it out of the workforce... people just lose touch.. I tried to call her for something last night and she didn't answer her phone.. and he said to me... "You better get used to that..." As if he wanted to remind me that I've lost another friend because she doesn't work with me everyday anymore. It hit me like a ton of brick.. I didn't want to hear that.. I didn't want to feel that.. I already had my own doubts and questions of whether our friendship was tight enough to withstand the distance.. ughhh.. it hurt and immediatly made me tear up..
men... ughhh.. I just don't think some of them understand the value of a womans friendship...

You're friend.. no matter how many miles away we live


10:05 AM  

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