Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Part One: Robots, Cubes and Koi

We took Satch to see Robotopio Rising at the Kennedy Center on Saturday morning. He thought the robot greeter was too creepy and wanted no part of it. He enjoyed watching the Toyota robot play the trumpet (really play, with forced air from it's chest cavity through it's mouth), see video here! The extremely human-like body movements coupled with the presentation extolling the virtues of robots for nursing care or housekeeping started to freak ME out. I said aloud, "that's just wrong...human contact is a vital component in health and healing", and a small circle of parents around me agreed, mumbled and nodded in unison.

So off we went to see a few art installations...

Four Cubes to Contemplate Our Environment by architect Tadao Ando (Terrific photos on flickr)

Dots Obsession Day and Dots Obsession Night by Yayoi Kusama

AND our favorite... Koi Currents by textile artist Reiko Sudo! Satch was blown away by this...see video below.

(More wonderful images captured by the flickr community here)

More highlights from our weekend....tomorrow where in we meet some really cool BUGS!

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