Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When He Sees Me

"his face
when he sees me -
and mine, too" - Shelley Krause (on love)

Here are some photos that Satch took of me. I didn't even know that he was taking some of them because he has the camera in his hand so often.

(Commentary by Satch)
"Mama's boobie...
I squeeze it?"
"Like a cow?"
"No...mama's not a cow...
mama's a wimin".

"Mama's vest...
Mama's cold...
those gears?"
It's a zipper.
"Zipper gears?"

"Mama's boots...
"I play in sink now!"

Robert stayed home today, because I'm sicker than last week and on antibiotics. I have no voice. There was an ice storm last night and everything looks like it's sealed in glass. And the talented poet Shelley has self-published her own book of Haiku and I want one, don't you?


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posted by Wendy at 6:50 AM


Blogger Claire said...

'Mamas a wimin' - I like it :-)

Reminds me of a funny cow/woman conversation I had with H when she was about three. We had visited a farm on the morning and saw a cow being milked. I pointed out the udders and we chatted about them as you do. Later we were in a shopping centre toilet with a whole load of people just outside waiting their turn. There was a big gap at the top and the bottom of the door and H asked really loudly - 'hey mum, do you want some toilet roll to blot your udder?' I sure got some strange looks when we came out of there :-)

9:18 AM  

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