Wednesday, September 05, 2007


We took Satch to Frying Pan Farm ...

where we grooved to a jamboree ....

and pet some really sweet animals.

Satchel was very excited to hear the cows moo. Satchel insists that the cows say, "moooon". He had so much fun that we brought him back there the next day and we got to milk the cow.

By the may have noticed that I did some tidying up around the ol' blog and rearranged the furniture. I never customized my template when we switched over to new blogger because doing so would delete all the goodies in my sidebar. I just don't want to have to fix blogger glitches so I'm doing everything all "old skool, yo"! In addition to the usual navigation tools, archives etc, I've added a script to my template that will index my posts by subject which you will find under "Life in Chapters" (labels/tags).

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posted by Wendy at 6:27 AM


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