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Mom to Mom: Andrea Scher

I've been reading Andrea's blog since her first entry in March of 2003 and have been swept along by the current of her life. In 4 years I have witnessed wonders & beauty...a blooming business ( I have 6 of her necklaces - they're addictive!), a beautiful wedding and the birth of a gorgeous little boy! I have a special fondness for Andrea because many years ago, she used her superpowers to get me into a sold out creativity workshop with my beloved SARK, but that's a story for another day. It is with great pleasure that I introduce a real life superhero....

Andrea Scher
Of : Ben, 7 months
Where: California
Blog: Superhero Journal

(photo by Anna Kuperberg)

1. In what ways has becoming a mother changed you?

Hmm... It feels so early in the process I'm not sure I have perspective on this yet.
The only thing I do know is that I smile and laugh more. I feel more joy more times in a day than I used to, and it is a deep joy.
I also notice that I don't have the luxury of indulging in bad moods anymore (or I'm not allowed to hold onto them for long).
There is a way that I have to show up each day being the very best self I can. Already, Ben keeps me in check this way. With one little smile or concerned look, he snaps me right back in the moment. This is a gift.

2. What is one tip you would like to share about mothering?

Create time for self-care and for your creative work. Put it on the calendar and get help. No one is going to give it to you! It is a gift you must give yourself. Some of us need permission to take it... we feel guilty if we don't want to be with our wee one full time or if we are not making money when we're away from our babe. I give you permission right now to take time out for yourself. You've likely heard it before (that analogy about putting on your own oxygen mask first) but it's so true that you have SO much more to give if you can take care of YOU.

3. What is your creative outlet/medium?

writing, photography, painting, jewelry

4. How do you find time for creativity?

I find it in the tiny slices. I have always enjoyed working quickly at my creative pursuits. Call me ADD, but I love the 15 minute writing exercise where you don't take the pen off the page and write as fast as you can. I love getting a painting done in a speedy whirl while the emotion of the moment is totally present.

I find that little bursts of creativity are much less intimidating and way more realistic. The perfectionist in me wants the perfect conditions for creativity, doesn't even want to begin unless I have a big chunk of time, a perfect space, a clean desk, etc. This is a great way to avoid creating! And essentially avoid the vulnerability of failure, or risk making something I don't like. Of course, once I begin I care so much less about the result and remember that the process is where the deep joy is.

5. Why do you blog/journal?

Ohhhh... such a big question!
I journal for a lot of reasons. I journal to remind myself of the good stuff in my life. I journal to count my blessings,
to celebrate what's working, to remember where the color is, where the joy is, who I love, what I'm learning. I journal to work out
the tough stuff, to feel less alone and exorcise the demons.
I journal to make an offering of my life. I journal so that someone else might feel less alone or be inspired or feel connected.

I journal to feel connected.

I journal to share myself and my life. I journal because I want to create a habit of celebrating. I journal to remind myself and others that the world is full of beauty, often tucked away in the most ordinary and unlikely places. I journal to remind myself that there is beauty everywhere.

I journal because it helps me to practice seeing.

7. Who are some bloggers that you would like to meet?

Ali Edwards, Wendy Cook, I've had a chance to meet some of my faves at Blogher last year!


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Let me warn's hard to pick just one. Fortunately I have an uncle who likes nothing better than to spoil his niece!

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