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I had no intention of writing another entry today, but I needed to get this out and with it some tears of both sadness and joy....

Cackie & Satch
December 2005

Today my aunt (whom I call "Cackie") is moving from my Grandparent's house, the home where she lived and cared for my grandparents during their last years. She (with the help of her friend and her brother) had the arduous task of clearing out decades of accumulation. I keep imagining how difficult it must have been for her. How exhausting, both emotionally and physically. I can't imagine how hard, how painful it is to clear out your parent's home and knowing that these possessions were important to them for one reason or another. I can't imagine the deep sadness of closing that front door behind you for the last time. My aunt is a much stronger woman, and much more generous than I could ever hope to be. She does whatever needs to be done and often without thanks.

I phoned her today and told her, "I wish I didn't live so far away because I wanted to help you because I know how much work it is, but also for a selfish reason...to help me...to say goodbye".

For as long as I can remember that house was always "Grandma & Gully's" house. After she died, when we visited, it was like she was still there...just not home. We continued to have our holiday dinners there and my aunt did the cooking. When Grandpa died I could still call the number and know that "Cackie" would pick up the phone. Now the house is sold, my aunt is moving, and the reality is really sinking in, It's like feeling the loss all over again. I keep reminding myself that although this is a painful closing, it is also a new beginning for my aunt.

I love you "Cackie"...may this new chapter bring you nothing but joy and new memories with your two beautiful grand daughters.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better to go to the ocean where you can see eternity for yourself. Be safe and happy.

4:05 PM  

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