Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Weekend

Would you believe that our tomatoes are battling Blossom End Rot and our enormous basil plants are fighting Fusarium Wilt? Arrgghh! So Saturday morning Satch and I went to the Farmers Market to buy some juicy maters and on the way we stopped to watch the miniature boat race which brought back wonderful memories of the boat pond in Central Park.

In addition to the juicy maters, we picked up this itsy bitsy bird ring for Satchel's cousin, Hanna, made by a local crafter, Oblina. You wouldn't know it from this photo because I'm very petite, but that little bird on the end of my index finger is smaller than a dime.

And pictured here is Oblina's cat, Ken, sporting one of her pet creations.

(photo ©2006 Oblina)

This cherub faced sweetie was quite gracious to model the Ladybug ring made by Oblina. She'll be selling them in her etsy shop soon.

In the afternoon we went to the Asian festival where we munched on vegetarian drum sticks...and we met with Satchel's friend Hardeep who has the most adorable breathy laugh and we all sat on a blanket on the grass surrounded by the scent of lemon grass, curry and ginger. There was food from Burma, Malaysia (I recently learned how to make delicious Malaysian noodles), Thailand, China, Japan and Korea. There was even an area for kids that included a rock climbing wall. It was such an enormous event that people were bused in from the DC area. However, we were conveniently within walking distance.

Sunday afternoon we went to Discovery Creek in DC where tots can get up close and personal with some wild critters and play in a sand pit. However, there was a private party going on so we just wandered around. There should be a spot on their website to inform people of private events. Drats! They had a beautiful carousel with a mixture of horses and wild animals to ride.

We thought Satch might like to ride the giraffe, but he simply wanted to watch...perhaps he remembered his first carousel ride (he's the blur in striped leggings)....

One day, I would like to take Satch to THIS carousel in Harlem...designed by children, sculpted by Milo Mottola.


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