Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Block Party

This title is in honor of Satchel's cousin, Kate, she knows why.

Satchel's aunt Laura (he calls her Lola) sent him these cool blocks from the art museum where Kate works. They light up and the colors change very slowly. Also in the box was the star from one of Satchel's favorite books, Walter the Farting Dog (I can't make it through the page about uncle Irv without laughing). Anyway...this little toy Walter farts when squeezed much to Satchel's delight. I sure hope the sound mechanism lasts until Satchel's first "show 'n tell".


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posted by Wendy at 6:26 AM


Blogger Julie said...

That's awesome.. and too funny
I remember payton's first show and tell he brought in the Cicada you gave him!!


8:33 AM  
Blogger bella said...

cool blocks!
And Walter the Farting Dog is a hit in our home as well. Though now I need to find a way to never let my son know there is an actual toy dog that can go with the book. ;)

9:42 AM  
Anonymous vickie said...

we have walter too! i swear we all had too much fun with that toy and the book is always fun to read.

cool blocks!

love your blog...satchel is adorable!

2:22 PM  
Blogger ceaucescu said...

hooray! that reference will be hilarious + maddening forever and ever. xoxoxo to you and rob and satch!

3:31 PM  
Blogger Nancy Bea said...

Wow, beautiful blocks! Where can I get some? I think my son with autism would adore them. Colored lights are one of his favorite things.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

hi nancy. the link to the museum is in the post. beautiful work on your website, btw, reminds me of my friend and fellow painter, Gustavo Schmidt. Look forward to checking out your blog. (oh, the photo of henry laughing to himself, with his gorgeous blonde tresses shining like the sun moved me deeply.)

9:43 AM  

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