Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Wild Life

Last night I awoke to a mournful bleating. I went downstairs and Robert already had the light on and was looking outside. It was the cry of a fox.

Early this morning, before the sun had a chance to kiss the horizon, a pack of five squirrels began raiding our bird feeder. I removed it from it's location in the garden and hung it on the glass wall. Satch and I watched as the squirrels spent a good part of the morning trying to figure out how to get to the feeder. They climbed the screen, scaled the brick wall, tried jumping from the second story ledge, and after many leaps and falls, they did it! When they weren't pillaging the garden, they tortured our cats by dancing on their hind legs along the glass.

I'm going to have to hold off on feeding the "monks" and the birds for a while until the squirrels move on. They have voracious appetites.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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posted by Wendy at 7:41 AM


Blogger margaret said...

I love those windows!!! So easy to see the world :) Happy weekend to you, Robert, and Satch too.

2:18 AM  
Anonymous Eren said...

Oh squirrels really are such a tease arent they? We have been watching squirrels raid the dog food pan here at my parent's house (en route to VA). And I swear they take great delight in torturing the poor dogs.

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Laundry & Children said...

Totally unrelated. I just wanted to let you know that I linked to your site because I loved the quotation on your side bar. I found you by googling the name Satchel. We are considering it for our son.

5:31 AM  

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