Thursday, May 10, 2007

Celebrate Now

Photo: Satch & Dada

"Let's celebrate now All this flesh on our bones" - Bjork

Along the Uplands Trail, large buttery blooms, the size of party poppers, fall from the giant Poplar trees in celebration of summer in the offing. Two large turtles sun themselves on a warm stone while 3 wee turtles play on the rocky bank. (I'm still trying to identify them)

The trails are so magic....

even at night, in the glow of the moon and strategically placed lanterns.

On this very warm night, I'm upstairs in the studio printing an enormous bird's nest to hang on the wall of the master bedroom above our bed and a large rasterization of the butterfly wings that I found on the trail last week to hang above the bed in the guest room. I'm signing off a bit early this week to do a little creating, a little reading, and a little dancing. The season opener of the farmer's market is Saturday and we'll be there early looking fresh veggies. I want to make roasted beet and wheat berry salad...a recipe from one of my favorite shops in my old hood. So....I'm off to celebrate now...and celebrate motherhood on Sunday!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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