Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mom to Mom: Tina Roth Eisenberg

It's April..... and I'm please to introduce a very talented designer from my former home town...Tina aka Swiss Miss.

: Tina Roth Eisenberg aka swissmiss
Of : Ella Joy Eisenberg, born April 21st, 2006
Where: New York
Blog: Swissmiss

1. In what ways has becoming a mother changed you?

It made me slow down. Enjoy and appreciate the little,
seemingly mundane things in life. And it taught me how
to survive with little to no sleep.

2. What is one tip you would like to share about mothering?

Do not drive yourself crazy with parenting/child development
books. I see so many parents worry about their child's development.
Trust your own instincts and and most importantly trust your kid.
They will do things at their pace. When they're ready, they're ready.

3. What is your creative outlet/medium?

Well, I have many. First of all, my blog. I post about
design on various levels. I am a designer by trade
and love what I do. And I like to leave silly notes
for my husband. Is that considered a creative outlet?

4. How do you find time for creativity?

It's no matter of finding time. It's part of my day.
It's part of me. I even consider just being goofy
with my daughter as being 'creative'.
No matter what you're doing, there is room
for creativity.

5. Why do you blog/journal?

Like with so many bloggers, it started as a way of
keeping track of things I've seen, that inspire me.
I didn't realize that this could turn into a blog with
such a big following. I love the fact that my daily
finds seem to inspire creative minded people all
around the globe.

6. Which blogs do you frequent?

I can't possibly mention them all, there

7. Who are some bloggers that you would like to meet?


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