Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mom to Mom: "Nina Beana"

It's March and you must meet Nina! (applause)

Grace (aka: Gray) age 3.5 and Joey (aka: Pummie) age 14 months
Where: outside of Boston, MA
Blog: The Whole Self

1. In what ways has becoming a mother changed you?

after becoming a mama, i feel like i'm the calmest i've ever been in my life. having two kiddies pooping and peeing on the floor (only during naked time!), running around and jumping off the tops of couches really put things into perspective for me. now the occasional big zit on my forehead or raging cramps don't seem all the important. i have two pieces of myself running rampant outside of my body to worry about.

2. What is one tip you would like to share about mothering?

don't judge yourself too harshly. be kind to you. the mothering grass, a lot of the time, is going to seem a whole lot greener in some other mama's yard. i've learned through lots of trial and error that the way that i do things as far as mama-ing work best for me, but would be a total poop-shoot for some other rockin' mama.

3. What is your creative outlet/medium?

i like to heal people with my hands, whether it be through massaging or working with expecting mamas. i have stacks of papers and journals that i like to create in when the spirit moves me. i love to cook food and feed people until they can't eat another bite. i like to listen to people and think big about how we are all connected. i like to grow my own food in a tiny little plot in my yard. i feel the most creative when i'm hanging with people who are really unlike gets my juices flowin' and makes me think outside the box. i also have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine and enjoy sewing vintage paper.

4. How do you find time for creativity?

it just happens because i need it to. i go to bed at around 8p every night (survival mechanism), so i don't have that "after the kids go to bed" creative time that lots of mamas thrive on. lots of the time i'm doing joint projects with the 3 year old digs helping her mama put things together. my little guy is often found trying to pull my sewing machine on top of his head. some how it all works out in the end and i can eek out a couple of craft projects every once and a while. if i'm lucky.

also, i find not using capitals saves me some time (hee hee).

5. Why do you blog/journal?

i've always been the weirdo in the sleeping bag at the sleepover, tucked away in a corner writing in my journal instead of playing truth or dare. there's something about getting it all down in words (and pictures) that helps me remember. keeps me going. i also have probably the worst memory on the planet and i'm scared if i don't take a minute to write something sweet, then it will be gone.

blogging is also my zen exercise in gratitude. there's something about sitting down to blog that brings out all the positivity and thankfulness that i have in my soul- once i start writing, even the minutiae should be celebrated.

finally, i've had the opportunity to be introduced to the most inspirational and kind-hearted people through blogging.

6. Which blogs do you frequent?

the sidebar on my blog says it all, and each and every one is important and keeps me thriving.

the daily clicks for me are (outside of my family and friends, of course):
Superhero Designs
Bohemian Girl
Pink Coyote
Hula Seventy

7. Who are some bloggers that you would like to meet?

the above-mentioned lovelies, as well as acumama, knittingmama, pancakemama, nessie noodle, loverlywings, leonie and lovegreendog. the list could go on and on...luckily, i've been fortunate enough to have already met so many wonderful human-blogger-beings on my journey so far.


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posted by Wendy at 6:22 AM


Anonymous pixie campbell said...

i am such a huge fan of nina and her cosmic mama energy that i am loving that she is here! what a sweet surprise. she seems so comfortable in her skin and with being a mom, she's just a giant inspiration to me. if you've never received one of nina's lubbins packages, you have truly not felt "the love". nina, you're a star!!!!!

12:10 AM  
Blogger Veronica TM said...

nice to meet you, nina! and thank you sweet wendy for doing these interviews.

1:14 AM  

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